A national programme that connects education and business

together for skills, growth and the future of young people

Education Britian

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a national programme
to connect education and business together for skills, growth and the future of young people

Led by Ian Fordham and Ty Goddard, Co-founders of The Education Foundation,
the programme captures a national mood…

For a national conversation about how to build a world-class British education system

For the worlds of education, entrepreneurship and business to share their mutual strengths

For different sectors in education and learning to work better together, from primary to higher education and beyond

For education and learning to connect directly to growth, skills and employability across all industries

For partnerships with cities, towns and regions to be forged, enabling even greater opportunities for change and reform

Above all Education Britain is about connecting education and business together for skills and growth
and giving young people the best possible start in life.

Meet the team

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Ty Goddard


Co-founder of The Education Foundation. Former Director of BCSE, SchoolWorks and Chair of Education in Lambeth Council; Campaigns and Policy Director, NSPCC and SCOPE; Education & policy commentator.


Ian Fordham


Co-founder of The Education Foundation. Director of the Edtech incubator. Former Head of Policy and Training for education and learning charities ContinYou and Education Extra; Education entrepreneur and former teacher.

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What we will do


The launch phase of the programme will be kicked off with a number of city and town based Education Britain summits and events between 2013-2015 that will bring together the worlds of education, entrepreneurship and business with the skills and growth priorities of a region.

We are looking to work with a number of leading towns and cities and regions across the UK. In 2013 we are hosting our first wave of events in Manchester, Norwich, London, Bristol, Brighton and Liverpool and aim to reach thousands of educators, entrepreneurs and businesses, followed by other leading towns and cities in 2014-2015. We will also have a presence at the Festival of Education and other landmark conferences.

Our first Education Britain summit in Manchester was developed in partnership with Manchester City Council and the Manchester Schools Alliance, along with network partners Greater Manchester Chambers of Commerce, New Economy, Manchester Digital and Coadec. It is focused on connecting education and business for the digital economy and takes place on the 5th June 2013.

Each summit showcases award winning and best practice in education and learning. They share the experiences of those leading change and reform in schools, colleges, universities and from those leading learning in apprenticeships, work based learning and informal settings. The events aim to connect schools, colleges, universities and business to skills and growth in radically different ways. They also help facilitate the building of a common vision and understanding about the learning future of a city, town or region.



Every year, we will identify, recognise and reward innovative and inspirational people, projects and organisations across the country that have worked to connect education, entrepreneurship and business together and led to major difference to young people in their cities, town or region.

The Education Britain Award winners in each region, will come together each year for a national celebration event at a reception in London.


We will create a legacy in each city, town and region through our Education Britain programme. We will work together with regional and national partners to create:

  • A network of Innovation Zones that help to support people, projects and organisations who connect education, entrepreneurs and business in radically different ways
  • Vibrant education and business forums that feed directly in town and city strategies for growth and Local Enterprise Partnerships’ skills, employability and workforce planning
  • A range of new projects and ventures led by The Education Foundation and its partners that create extra capacity for change across the system


Why Now?

The future of education

Why now?…

Education and learning in Britain is at a crossroads. Despite our history as education pioneers, there is a danger of us being left behind.

In 2011, we set out in our launch publication ‘Education Britain: the journey to education reform’ that we urgently need a national cross sector conversation about the future of education and learning, matched to the skills and growth priorities of the country.

And as a nation we have solid foundations to build on – with thousands of schools, colleges, universities, entrepreneurs and businesses who are already leading the way – but this knowledge of what works must be shared more rapidly across the system

Recent reports from leading organisations across education, business and government make the case for urgent change. Education, entrepreneurs and business must start to connect together in more radical ways  …

“Employers, education providers, and youth live in parallel universes. To put it another way, they have fundamentally different understandings of the same situation. Think of the education-to-employment system as a highway, where three drivers—educators, employers, and young people—all want to get to the same destination. There are three critical intersections—when young people enrol in postsecondary education, when they build skills, and when they seek work. At every point, each driver needs to take account of the others to keep moving safely and efficiently. Our research, however, shows that doesn’t usually happen. Instead, drivers don’t take one another into account, proceeding obliviously in their own lanes, or they collide, leaving everyone worse off than when they started” 


“This report deals with the most important part of the UK’s long-term growth strategy – improving education. As our work sets out, the potential economic gain from getting this right is enormous, yet today we have a system where a large minority of our young people fall behind early and never catch up. This cannot be acceptable” 


“A survey of over 1,300 CEOs reveals UK business leaders are more concerned about the availability of key skills than any of their Western European counterparts, rating it as the greatest threat to their business’ growth. The research shows businesses are looking to the Government to help them plug this skills gap. Three out of four UK CEOs said creating and encouraging a skilled workforce should be the Government’s highest priority for business for the year ahead” 


“It is impossible to overstate the significance of education in its widest sense to the sort of society in which we want to live. This report owes its origins to the need to create wealth far more effectively so that the quality of life in the UK can continue to be enhanced in the century ahead. As international competition intensifies, society becomes more complex, and technological change accelerates, the health of our economy will come to rely more and more on high levels 
of educational attainment and the availability of a skilled workforce” 




How can you help?

There are a number of ways to get involved and support the Education Britain programme:


Details of our Education Britain events and work
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Education Britain New Anglia 100

Immediately following our great event in Norfolk on the 18th July, Education Britain had a major impact on the range of key influencers and decision makers present (including Andy Wood, Chair of the New Anglia LEP) and led to the creation of the “New Anglia 100″ – the simple, yet powerful idea of gathering 100 key people from across the region to identify the 100 most impactful ideas to bring about change in education and learning. One of our core partners Dick Palmer, CEO of Transforming Education Norfolk wrote a fantastic blog on the impact of the event & vision of the New Anglia 100 – which is reproduced below…

Read more »

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Education Britain Norfolk

We are delighted to be kick starting our next programme of work and engagement with the county of Norfolk – and our great partners Transforming Education Norfolk under the leadership of educator and entrepreneur Dick Palmer. His vision of creating a unique cross sector federation of City College Norwich to City and Wayland Academies to new UTCs is an exciting and dynamic model fit for a new landscape in learning. Read more »

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Education Britain Manchester Summit

Our first Education Britain Summit is taking place on the 5th June 2013 in Manchester and is a collaboration between The Education Foundation, Manchester City Council and the newly formed Manchester Schools Alliance. Focused on the future of the digital economy in the city, the summit brings together 200 schools, colleges, universities, entrepreneurs, not for profits, business leaders (SMEs and larger corporations) for an interactive event that will share and explore: the big picture view of Manchester’s Digital future, the skills and growth forecasts and patterns for the city, the way in which the city’s digital strategy can become a digital skills strategy and to start a cross sector conversation about where education and learning go next. Read more »

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Launch of Education Britain

Welcome to the website and to the launch of the Education Foundation’s flagship programme – Education Britain.

The real genesis of the programme came from our 2011 launch publication ‘Education Britain: the journey to education reform’  in which we gathered together 35 leading thinkers and movers and shakers from across the education, policy and business world to discuss the future of education and learning. The responses were extraordinarily diverse, challenging and set out a blueprint not only for our work but also have framed a lot of policy discussions that have taken place across the UK ever since. Read more »

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