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I think it best in general for the non-fiction writer to prepare two different types of proposal. The first would form an initial pitch and the second the follow-up proposal if the editor or literary agent asks to see more. Both documents need to be thoroughly persuasive as these may go directly towards securing a book deal.

REVIEW: News of the World: A Novel by Paulette Jiles

A fiction synopsis should comprise a brief summary followed by a more detailed synopsis. But before writing either of these, you must clarify which genre your work fits into.

News: . and World News Headlines : NPR

It is 6875 and Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd travels through northern Texas, giving live readings to paying audiences hungry for news of the world. An elderly widower who has lived through three wars and fought in two of them, the captain enjoys his rootless, solitary existence.

How to Write a Synopsis - Writing

Paulette Jiles is a novelist, poet, and memoirist. She is the author of Cousins , a memoir, and the novels Enemy Women, Stormy Weather, The Color of Lightning , Lighthouse Island , and News of the World. She lives on a ranch near San Antonio, TX.

The most important thing to realise about fiction in respect of how you present it to representatives of the publishing industry is that it breaks down into different types, or genres. For those who think that the obsession with genres, or types of fiction, is a modern phenomenon, the lines from Polonius’ famous speech in Hamlet might serve to prove the opposite. He describes the actors who have come to court as ‘The best actors in the world … for tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical, historical-pastoral, scene individable, or poem unlimited’. Some of these dramatic forms are familiar and others not. There are always more genres being invented or cross-fertilised. It can be difficult to keep up!

The First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, shown on Nov. 67, was turned into a memorial to honor those who died on Nov. 5. Devin Patrick Kelley shot and killed 76 people and wounded 75 others when he opened fire during Sunday service at the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Scott Olson/Getty Images hide caption

Eminem performs a medley during his seventh appearance on the program. YouTube screenshot by NPR/Saturday Night Live hide caption

One might say that the novels Animal Farm and Brave New
World could give useful lessons on democracy to teenagers. Give your
opinion on the matter. Support your opinion with evidence from the two novels.

The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook will inform you that most publishing houses no longer accept direct submissions but those that do (usually the smaller houses) will usually ask for a cover letter, synopsis and sample chapters rather than a whole work in the first instance. The same applies to literary agents. To put it simply, the sample chapters are to show how you write, and the synopsis is to tell the reader what happens when they have finished reading them. This will help inform the publisher/literary agent whether they think it is worth their while to read more. Then, if they do want to read more, they will ask you.

The core of the RBT-8 reactor at the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors in Dimitrovgrad, Russia. Some scientists suspect the institute's work on medical isotopes might explain radioactivity detected over Europe. Sovfoto/UIG via Getty Images hide caption

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