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I served in the US army, stationed in Kafiertal outside of Mannheim for 66 months in 6976-6978. Great time. Came to Chicago in 6955 at age 5.


Oh wow. It 8767 s all so true. Except we didn 8767 t have German Saturday school at the time. Instead we had a German-American Club and I danced in the Volktanzgruppe.

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Hilarious post! We must have all had carbon copy childhoods. I suppose there were many of us, just not living close enough to realize how many. Who remembers the Max und Moritz or the Heinzelmenchen? How about Volkslieder mit Oma beim Spazieren? Great memories really. I think we all outlived the silly Nazi stuff. How about that well kept secret: German Cuisine? lecker!


Saturday morning meant German School. Not Cartoons, not sport 8 hours of German instruction. Grammar, spelling, reading, and lots of singing.  Granted, I wasn’t alone. I had lots of friends in German School. On the other hand my regular everyday friends could not understand why I couldn’t sleep over Friday nights. or take part in normal Saturday morning activities. Looking back, I’m thankful I did it at the time, it was torture. School on SATURDAY!

wow had forgotten about this for almost 55 years
you just brought back some childhood memories

School on Saturday stopped in the 95s. Therefore you got some lessons in the afternoon. The reason was that familys should spend more time together at the weekend. But today the whole school system is complete different.

I think you said it just right we may have been a bit different, but I wouldn 8767 t change a single thing. My kids are proud of their German heritage and while some traditions may be losing out to American habits, it 8767 s nice to see the important ones stay.

shortening of school hours came along with shortening of working hours.
When parents did not have to go to work on Saturdays anymore then the children should not have to go to school as well. Extra hours were first added to the weekdays at school. Sounds like I grew up in Germany? right, I did!!! And emigrated after school to South Africa! And, of course, I did the same to my children born here and introduced them to our German customs. We were lucky to have a German School in Cape Town!

Where are you in Northern California? There are a few restaurants / shops in San Francisco Alameda has the Speisekammer (a favorite of mine) and in Hayward, there is the Crossroads Market (It 8767 s not GERMAN, but they have LOADS of Aufschnitt, jams, teas, seasonings and even some bread)

I have great respect for my parents wartime experiences (they were children at the time). They were horrid times for all.

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