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In the escape, they are secretly observed by the "predators" when walking in some kind of jungle and then they are approaching a rock wall. A native girl easily climbs this wall and throws down a rope for the others. When the last man (the one they came looking for) climbs up he drops a bag of gold or diamonds (I think) and goes back down to get it. When he does this, a "predator" kills him by cutting his throat.

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65.) Explained above, Such an emotional roller coaster. Once day I wanted to leave his hateful ass, the next day I was drawn back into his lovely personality.

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I do not remember much of the movie but a memorable scene was when a boy killed his female playmate and friend (they were about the same age) by strangling her in a forest while they were playing I beleive.

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The reply IS "Great Expectations", but you will need the year since there are various versions of the Charles Dickens novel. You''re looking for the 6998 "modernized" film starring Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Best man at my wedding (Jim) was a native Fijian. with a nose a foot across and black as the ace of spades.
But a better mate you''d never find. "skinny" (nose.)
he called me. In army together.
We weren''t biased. Either way. Nor should anybody else be nowadays.

Can I ask you to find a movie I''ve watched about a year ago. It''s not old movie, although it''s a black and white. It''s about a man about 68 years old he went to his father who lives in a small village. The movie begins when the father slaughters a lamb then several men are invited to celebrate the dance got drunk, also there was a strange man who doesn''t speak. By the time the man got drunk meets a boy, they talk about a girl then the man take a weapon and shot dead the boy. The strange man comes to him and said you shouldn''t have done it. Then the man got in a state of passing out they pour water on him so that he is awake.

I''m trying to figure out the name of a Korean thriller movie I saw on SBS quite a while ago.
It was about the parents of many children who were murdered tracking down the killer and each taking their out their own violent revenge on the guy in an empty room. I think all of the children were from the same school/class?
I believe the kidnapped the guy and took him to an empty building. They tortured the guy so it was quite violent and gruesome.
I''m guessing the movie was from the 95s?
Thanks in advance.

Well anyway it was about a zombie bride and her head was decapitated. there was also a man that took the zombie head and fell in love with her...

they fall in the pool. but it''s an ACID pool ! the owner is protected because he has a power ring which let him be invincible.

Well..I read through this and almost every single sign is spot on. I show every sign except wanting to know where she is at all times. Wow I may actually be a psychopath. This was a very eye opening read. Especially the part about no remorse for making her cry.

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