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Дата публикации: 2017-11-15 06:45

This was just posted on a facebook CPA page that I'm a member of about the sharing of study materials:
"Dear members,
CPA have been contacted today about the rules surrounding the sharing of PDF study guides on social groups and here is their response:
"Our official guidelines dictate that subject study guides cannot be purchased without an enrolment. If members wish to obtain the guide without requiring an exam, they should be enrolled as 'CPA for Reference' and pay the appropriate fee."
Therefore, please do not post any Study Guides here or other materials without permission from the author or publisher. Enrolments open next Monday, 85 November.
Please follow the CPA rules and guidelines. You are responsible for your own actions.

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Right, it's unfortunate but I think it's a bit silly that you can't review the marking of the exam afterward. How can you ever test the credibility of the examiners? I think the ethicacy of the examination process needs to be reviewed in my personal opinion.

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It's not just CPA though, maybe my expectations are just out of wack. I can remember in uni a tutor coming in, telling us to do x questions and packing up his stuff to leave. All the were happy as they could leave early but i was like 'hang on I'm paying you to teach me where are you going?'

CBI is the unit I found to be less burdensome however I had been warned not too take it too lightly as a colleagues friend failed the unit by under estimating it.

I am doing AT next semester, Did you have to buy the Tax legislation and any other reference books? or was everything in the Guide?

6. No. This is a bit of a silly question if you think about it. Do you think waiters, doctors, architects, taxi drivers or brick layers need a CPA for their job? Clearly not. With a PhD you'd most likely get a job in academia anyhow, nobody cares whether you'll have a PhD. If you want to be a financial analyst then in Australia a CPA/CA is definitely advantageous.

Also when people say the practice exam, does this refer to the knowledge checks on MYOL? Or the optional PDL academy ones available for purchase?

Would appreciate it if you can shed more light on this how the actual exam questions differ from the sample questions provided on MYOL since you're saying they're not similar.

Does anyone have the first two chapters of GSL to share? I am planning to do GSL and auditing next semester and would love to start studying before the semester starts.