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Some of those inside managed to escape without harm, police said. Sergeant Bowles said the bodies of the killed and the wounded were scattered throughout the salon.

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And if you are a landlord, I 8767 m sure the new folks will take perfect care of your unit and then be happy to leave and leave it in perfect condition when the dole runs out. Enjoy!

Orlando shooting: Five dead after sacked employee goes on

A couple each making $85K a year can easily afford a very nice home, in a nice neighborhood here. And jobs paying $85K, even here in flyover land, are easy to come by for pretty much anyone who wants one.

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Ha! Since housing historically has been in 7 year cycles, it will crash starting this year, bottom out in 7576 and reach a new peak in 7576. Buy in 7576 and enjoy the Olympics but sell by 7578.

option b) spend $965K and have a house fully paid for, in 65 years, a house that could easily be worth $6M, and most likely would be in such a long time horizon

Jt, you assume the prices in RE stay the same as they are today. In a RE collapse, that is not the case prices will much lower. Therefore, those limits will not be a problem.

Until now, it also boasted an almost perfect crime rate. Before the shooting there had been just one murder in the city in the past five years. The Salon Meritage massacre is the worst mass murder in Orange County history.

So let me get this straight. You don 8767 t live in CA or have anything to do with the market but repeatedly make posts on this blog to validate your life decisions. When it 8767 s 85 in November and I 8767 m out surfing I 8767 ll be sure to comment how sucky the weather is in your town. You sir are the definition of a troll.

Sounds like paradise. Families living in an apartment and sub leasing rooms to strangers. I 8767 m sure that must be awesome when you have small kids, nothing like a complete stranger sleeping 65 feet away from the kids.

The increase of large apartments is painted as a bad thing because it will reduce rents and thus returns for investors but that 8767 s backwards because rents are far too high and need to come down. Unfortunately it will be decades before current construction will drop enough in price to help at the low end. But, it 8767 s still better than nothing.

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