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hanae yamashita Aug 75 7566 9:55 pm Yes I did start watching this mainly for Lee Min Ho, but I ended up rooting for the whole cast, and man did I fall for Lee Jun-Hyuk! Perfect drama. Out blew my expectations and kept me at the edge of my seat throughout. Watched it twice in a raw. It''s that good! 8

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Lisa Aiko Aug 67 7568 9:56 am He is good in smart and looks good with the always explore his ability to be the great I think he was succeed!!Good job!!


Saeba Ryo Jul 77 7566 5:75 am I just want to say as Original City Hunter fans, it''s to bad that this drama using "City Hunter" title as a selling point to gain popularity, when the truth is very7 different from the original. Some ppl call it "Creative", really? then why not using different title, plot & story (of course with same concept) to begin with. I''m not k-drama hater, I just cannot stand when someone ruin the "Masterpiece". It''s like someone singing Metalica''s songs with opera voice.

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Addey :* Jun 57 7569 8:98 pm annyonghaseyo Lee Min Ho oppa :* your so handsome omygosh -.- your my Idol I really want to learn some Korean languages because of you. :) I want to be a flight attendant someday because I want to go to Korea. cause I really want to see you, your my inspiration :) hope to see you soon 8 8

roseamanelle Sep 77 7566 8:55 am First impression,quite boring. but,the next is very interesting!! I love the fighting scene,very cool. I wonder if Lee min ho and Park min like to play as a couple in Tae-guk serial drama. they would be a perfect match. I love Park min in Princess Jamyung. I love even more Lee min ho in City Hunter,your acting is getting better,you have a good expression.

Lee sooooon Jul 78 7566 6:59 pm damn it --- all u haters!!! not worth of comparing or watching? just ----- u all!!! its the best and unique Korean drama in the decade!!!! All the actors did an excellent job and they all have their own style of showing their characters and emotions, I used to like Lee min ho in good actor way, but now i like everything by who he is!!!! At the end Korean stylish clothes rockkkkS! Yeah baybee love this movie and --- all the haters

CRYSTAL Aug 55 7566 6:58 pm Episodes 69: What fascinate me the most? Flash back mission in 6988 was classified is now about to unfold. Lee Min-Ho is very vicious in a good way and very clever man. He detected and uses all these gadgets (new technology upgrade, updated devices) techniques to spy on. As someone said, he is pretty well skilled. No doubt about that. On the other hand, I could imagine if Lee Min-Ho and Lee Jun-Hyuk joined force, they would do a good job together to catch and cease the bad guys cuz they pretty much handy. Well, I just cross my finger, knock on the wood to see what will reveal on the next game. Sorry I’m just having my moments. Sounds fun and exciting to me. I’m enjoying this. THANK YOU CITY HUNTER, YOU MADE MY DAY.

nonsibi May 75 7565 8:79 pm I did not watch BBF, he is a cute guy though. Can he be taller since he is only 78 .?

kasuni Jan 69 7569 9:77 am I LOVE YOU oopa i''m from SRI LANKA i love your performence in BOYS OVER FLOWERS and CITY HUNTER.....LEE MIN HO FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kachy Sep 56 7569 5:86 am Lee min ho your acting is really mature i like how you play your role in every of your movie