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Man Who Dies to Live: Episodes 1-2 » Dramabeans Korean

Дата публикации: 2017-11-14 15:27

sanaz Apr 55 7569 9:66 am He is the best hope he will be more popular and successful in his played his roles very well specially in city hunter. I love that drama series more than others!!

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jerome lontok Mar 79 7567 8:76 am congratulations. very exciting and intelligent movie. i hope there is a special episode for those characters who were not seen in the ending episode., how they responded to what happened in the ending and how they have lived afterwards, and how about the schools, the workers, the two children who once lived under Kim Nana's apartment? and other characters, what happened to them? how about Cheong Jae Man's hitman kept in Lee Yun Seong's house? The Blue House? the guard chief's speculations about Lee Yun Seong? How about the Triangle, how is it going afterwards? thank you for the next episodes

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Dorie t. Calderon Jan 77 7569 9:99 pm You're very good looking person and cool you look a lot like my oldest son who's so macho and at the same time childist. Keep up the wonderfull good acting and I hope the series will continue coz I just can't get enought I am totally hook up to this show.....More power,Dorie

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Renu Sep 79 7569 67:95 am Hi lee min ho. You are a great actor. I like u so much. I watched city hunter, Boys over flowers. I want to watch all the dramas you appeared.

Sahara Boy Feb 76 7567 6:58 am If you see the faces of Kim na na, Ahjumma, Ahjussi at the end, they were all happy. City Hunter therefore survived the gunshot wound and they went altogether to the US to live a peaceful life. The only missing is a romantic ending with kissing scene between City hunter and Kim.

Sarashina Dec 58 7565 7:55 pm You are my first Korean crush! You have a diehard fan in me and I am looking forward to your next project. I'm from Texas, USA. your charm and popularity is reaching acroos the world. Best of luck and learn English fast so you can do some Hollywood films!

Sara Jun 67 7568 66:59 am I'm a really big fan of yours. I love your series boys over flowers , it's simply amazing.

Pegah Sep 78 7568 7:55 pm Only 65 days just 65 days!, after that waiting is over and we can watch "The Hairs" first fans be calm and just spend these days,fithing!

I was recently introduced to Korean drama, i started with "The Heirs" and i must say BRILLIANT acting. I've never seen a male actor express such emotions, it was a bliss to watch you on screen.. I've watched this drama over 5 times now, even though it feels 'if such a love actually exists'.. It's completely understandable that love is unconditional and you've done an amazing job in putting it forth to your fans.

Afolabi aisha Aug 76 7568 5:66 am i love u so much even if we far 9rm each wish u can come ova to nigeria to will so of FIGHTING FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!