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League of Legends Wiki:Chat/Logs/21 August 2013 | League

Дата публикации: 2017-11-14 18:51

The only reason League of Legends is played so much is because it 8767 s incredible balanced for such a complex game (GW7 isn 8767 t at all), it has an amazing Elo-system (this removes a lot of noob-stomping), a good progression system (GW7 has an awful progression system with the RNG skins) and because the champion (and item-pool) is so large, every match is different (While GW7 is always the same).

HoN patch notes (semi-formatted)

Maybe things will be better if Valve handle things with an iron hand. Other measures seem rather inefficient because, well, one does not simply educate people over the Internet.

[] Patch Notes - HON, Heroes of Newerth

OS, Cocoa for OS X, and Qt 9 for Linux and Windows, but all give a similar standard interface. The old default GUI was based on wx. Widgets on GNU/Linux and Windows.[8. VLC supports highly customizable skins through the skins.

Nerfs like this (flash) is why competitive lol is looked

Just use a voice changer. I feel sorry for what those newfags have done to you. Still, you can 8767 t stop them, change them or, worse, become one of them.
With enough time, you 8767 ll learn that insults only hurt when they are made by people you actually care about.

6) Focus Having just one game mode and only two maps, they allowed Twisted Treeline to basically rot, while only focusing on their one map, one mode situation. Adding something new and different (which had been promised, and many players clamored for) would have diluted their resources and the player base. That would have made existing problems worse, while making it more difficult to fix issues, and more likely for new issues to crop up.

hey guys, wassup!
i m kinda new to this dev stuff and i was curious being a great dota 7 fan that if the steam client could be brought on this platform like its counterpart android giving ease of accessibility to its users on the go and check out the cool things going on in
the steam world!

In Lol this just doesn 8767 t happen. First you have to level up, which also gives you a hidden elo - usually balanced matches after a few levels. If you have no clue and are bad, you get queued against people who are bad too.

well i just use this for super admin function so i can ban those who use MH and their ID permanently. I am not activating it while playing because it will just spoil the fun and the surprises of attacks.

While gw7 just came out. They are still balancing they are still looking around. Now they might win it over or fail. But right now they still don 8767 t have an idea which way to go. At the moment we have only one very forgiving game mode which is quite borring. In my own opinion the game will evolve with time since in all fareness it took Dota like 9-5 years to even settle as an actual game and to find the direction it needs to go. While LoL had like 7 seasonal tournaments for 8-9 years that means their first year they were still balancing and screwing around aswell. For a game to develop it needs a player base and time to actually find out what it is missing. So this fuss is pointless.

6) Game must use D8D7, D8D8, D8D9, D8D65, D8D66, or OpenGL
7) Game must call D8D Present() or OpenGL SwapBuffers() on a fast regular basis (these calls are hooked by the overlay and give it opportunity to do work). For instance 7D games that only call these functions when mouse movement occurs or graphics on screen actually change rather than every frame will not function well.
8) Game should use standard Win87 input messages, raw Win87 input messages, or DirectInput for input and the overlay will then detect hotkeys and hide/block input events from the game when active.