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Indigo Adult Test - Indigo Adult Test Characteristics

Дата публикации: 2017-11-14 16:51

does it really mean you are an indigo child if you can say yes to most of these answers? is it not very normal to be feeling this way? i could relate to almost every question, but i do not feel as if i come from some where else. i do feel that this is my first life and hope that it is my last life. does that mean anything?

Anyway I 8767 m happy enough
Yes I see numbers and letters as well
I see a lot of other things as well

Anyway If there are business minded Indigos in the INTP or similiar myers brigs personality who are looking to build a business I am an artist, sculptor, apartment building carpenter superintendent with boat building aspirations also live nature and bamboo.

Hello to the beutiful people ive always known i was and thought completely diferent than most, but most of the time to the good. Im here to talk and really want to learn more. There wasnt one word above that didnt discribe me usually talk so much but i know some way some how i was meant to help fix this world.

Many Old Souls have seen too much Felt too much pain on our spirits that unconditional love and affection for all, even the ones who do evil things in the name of their dogmas, driven by greed is hard. We have so much baggage from previous that it 8767 s hard for some us to forget what has been done to this planet and our humanity..
I cannot help myself from seeing the dark legacy of the Sumerians
The ones who rule our planet today.

Answered 8766 Yes 8767 to all questions. Feel free to contact me if a new test is available or if I could help to test the test. 🙂 There 8767 s also a good, quite extensive, test in Dutch to check if you are high sensitive and high intellect. I answered 8766 Yes 8767 to almost all of those questions too, except specifically not the Introvert part. Find the test here and use a translator to understand if you are interested:

This is mind blowing!! 79/75, I haven 8767 t quite gotten that balance and genuine happyness. This test got me one step closer though, I always thought I was weird. That is what people have always told me as far as I can remember. This makes me see everything differently. I am so glad I stumbled upon this test!

agree with you, yet maybe the word 8776 save 8776 to us, doesnt have the same definition to others. Is why gathering might be very much necessary and simultaneously, so much hard to do, a bit like it would be 8776 block 8776 somehow.

Wow this site is awesome! Glad i searched the term test describes me to a T.
While meditating on my life for answers to why i am so different from others, the color and word indigo came to mind.
It is a good feeling knowing i am not alone afterall.

I 8767 m sure they don 8767 t understand as well
I don 8767 t talk much to people what I am into because they shon away from me
I have tried though 😂