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''Tribunals in the UK have upheld claims brought by female employees if it can be shown that they were required to dress in a particular way, and that this would not be required of male colleagues. 

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Celia Wesley, another BOAC stewardess, recalled being sent to Calcutta (now Kolkata) at an hour''s notice to take the place of a stewardess who had been taken ill. She said: “I entered the spacious lobby of the Grand Hotel and stepped into another world, another age, another time. Here existed the faded grandeur of the British Empire. I felt totally out of place in my purposeful navy uniform and military style hat. Oh, if only I had been able to make a more fitting entrance by graciously gliding in, corseted in a long elegant Victorian dress.

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According to Consumerist , Wilkinson said he got 5,555 frequent flyer points. When pressed, British Airways threw in an additional flight voucher worth about $755.

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Passengers completing the entire journey will have eaten half the farmyard by the time they reached London, having been served lamb, turkey, beef, ox tongue, chicken and ham - not to mention three rounds of cheese and biscuits.

Everywhere you go, you should always bring the right shoes, but Greece takes that seriously. Time

Gwen Sharp, associate professor of sociology at Nevada State College wrote on the Society Pages blog that the advert plays on stereotypes of ''Asian women as particularly submissive and docile''.

Wendy Barlow remembers: “Joining BOAC gave me confidence and taught me how to make the best of myself, smiling until my jaws ached. Being taught how to apply makeup and care for my skin by Elizabeth Arden, and having my hair done in a neat style by Vidal Sassoon.”

Depending on when you get married, you may save some money on your honeymoon destination. Time

But it wasn''t always like this. Aircraft cabins were once bastions of sophistication and securing the job of flight attendant - or air hostess, as it was back then - worthy of a picture story in your local paper.

From New Mexico to New Zealand, a world of amazing Christmas celebrations awaits. Time

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