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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ

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In the Ratway tunnels, you'll be bothered by a couple of muggers. Either persuade them to leave you alone or kill them. Proceed through the tunnels to the Ragged Flagon and ask either Vekel the Man or Dirge about Esbern. You can persuade them, bribe them, or beat them in a hand-to-hand brawl to get them to reveal the information. This won't be necessary if you're a guild member they'll just point you to the warrens. If Gissur survived the last mission, he'll be spying on you now, and once you have the information, he'll head off to report to the Thalmor. Do with him what you wish.

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In the course of the game's Main Quest, you will end up at the College to inquire about the Elder Scroll, and this mission should already have begun. Otherwise, head to Winterhold and speak to the elf guarding the bridge to the College. She will attempt to test you by having you cast a simple spell on a seal on the ground. There are, however, numerous alternative entry methods: you can persuade her, for example, or show her a Dragon Shout to gain easy entry. If you're stuck, you can even buy a basic spell from her so that you can complete the test. Afterward, follow her into the College.

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Inhale the incense, and Peryite will appear before you. He has unleashed a plague upon the Breton villages, turning the inhabitants into the Afflicted. Orchendor was supposed to gather them and bring them to Bthardamz, but he has since changed his mind. His betrayal must be punished with death, and his task taken up by you. He promises a reward of a Dwemer shield, a hint at his Daedric artifact. Don't worry this isn't your average Dwarven shield.

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Inexplicably, the mead in that vat has already made its way here faster than you did. Furthermore, Commander Caius instantly detects the poison with his expert taste recognition and arrests Sabjorn, leaving Mallus in charge of the meadery.

When you go inside of the Dawnstar Museum, look for the display case that has some pieces of paper inside it. You can pick the cabinet's lock and then get the paper. Then, if you cast a spell on it, it will turn into a bucket. What you do with the bucket is up to you.

The Psijic, named Quaranir, uses some kind of time-stopping magic, then speaks to you. He warns you that the Eye of Magnus poses some kind of danger, but just about everything else he says is pretty vague. He sends you to find the Augur of Dunlain. With this, the spell ends. You can ask all the members of the college what they know about him, though this serves little purpose but to provide backstory information.

Astrid reveals that Cicero, angry about Astrid's failure to honor the Night Mother, has gone mad and attacked her. Veezara was injured trying to protect her, and Arnbjorn went after Cicero as he escaped. First off, she tells you to search Cicero's chambers for evidence.

The bandit can be found in the Raldbthar Consortium. Don't ask me how to pronounce that. Anyway, there are three guards outside the entrance, so take them out however you wish. Inside, you'll encounter two more of them. At the end of the hall is a gate with a Master lock, but you'll probably want to avoid that challenge and head down the ramp instead.

In the kitchen, Malborn will rush you, but feel free to spend as much time collecting ingredients here as you wish. Recover your chosen items from the chest while you can, because once you continue into the hallway, Malborn will lock the door behind you.

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