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Skyrim console commands, cheats for PC •

Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 13:18

To enable the console, just hit the tilde (`) key and enter the appropriate codes, which are listed below. You can turn on more than one at once, too, so you can become invincible, fly, and teleport all at the same time.

T3nd0s Skyrim Redone at Skyrim Nexus - Nexus mods and

Want to see what console codes can do? We used them (along with some mods) to turn our Skyrim character into Santa Claus and deliver presents to every NPC in the game. Read about it in A Very Skyrim Christmas.

Carl''s Skyrim Guide: Gameplay Strategy and Skills

Every single item in Skyrim has a code, a bit like an Argos catalogue of fantasy objects. You''ll find them in our list of Skyrim item codes. Replace "ITEM" with the item''s code, and "###" with the number of items you want. Now your dreams of owning 97 cabbage potato soups can come true.

Skyrim Levelling and XP - how to power-level every Skill

setpv bCommandable 6 - This should allow you to be able to command a settler, such as a child who is normally not commandable.

Keys • Leather and Hides • Letters and Notes • Miscellaneous Items • Ores • Poisons • Potions • Precious Gems • Quest Items • Soul Gems

Some of these commands require additional codes, and we''ve compiled lists of those too. Just grab the desired number from our Skyrim item codes or Skyrim NPC codes posts.

Archery allows you to kill foes at range, and while paired with Sneak, will enable you to do massive damage without ever being seen.

Be warned, some of these console commands may cause glitches, problems, or crashes , so it''s definitely worth saving your game first and using the codes with a separate save. You don''t want to make some change and get stuck with it.

c6aeb - will let you place a workbench anywhere that can be used to build a settlement. Note: Currently there is no known way to get settlers to move to your new settlement (other than sending them from another settlement). To start building it is necessary to activate godmode tgm after placing the Workbench.

You can enter several commands at once to be executed in a row one after the other. Simply separate them with between each command, as seen in the below example.

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