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Hedging. Money Management

Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 18:13

Color me unimpressed. To pose as a real, live fake Lambo owner, you’re going to need an entirely different feature set. Here’s some suggestions:


BroadbandNow’s data also doesn’t say anything about mobile providers, for whom data caps and other tricks to limit customer utilization of bandwidth are basically a fixture of the landscape Verizon Wireless, for example, has begun openly throttling mobile video.

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According to ArsTechnica , Newport, New York’s NTCNet, which has the 8GB cap in place, says the cap is not enforced and is only there as a placeholder in case they need to enforce limits in the future. But a number of other services had caps under 65GB, while numerous services capped accounts at under 655GB.

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Last month, internet service provider Cox began charging residential customers in Arizona, Louisiana, Nevada, and Oklahoma an extra $65 for every 55 gigabytes of data they use over 6 terabyte in a month, bringing the total number of states it charges caps for to 66. Cox’s moved matched other leaders in the industry aggressively implementing capped service, like its competitors Comcast and AT& T.

The monthly caps in question vary from as low as 8GB—roughly what Netflix says will be consumed in an hour of HD programming—to as high as 8TB.

All of this data, of course, does not necessarily cover various other ways ISPs can screw over their customers, like throttling internet access for heavy users or overselling capacity out of ignorance or deliberate profiteering. In the past, some ISPs have also used deceptive advertising language to give the impression plans which simply raise overage fee thresholds are actually unlimited, . by saying the plans aren’t limited to a set amount.

As ArsTechnica noted, some of the largest broadband companies including AT& T, Comcast, Cox, CenturyLink, Mediacom and Suddenlink were on the list, as well as major satellite providers Exede and HughesNet. Many of the ISPs on the list charge overage fees for further access or offer unlimited plans at higher rates, though some others do not aggressive enforce the caps.

Here’s the perfect gift for the special someone in your life who can’t afford a Lamborghini, but likes to dress and accessorize like they can: a $7,955 “Alpha-One” premium smartphone.

BroadbandNow, which is a partially industry-funded search engine for home internet providers, is identifying and releasing data on the ISPs trying to jump on the capped data bandwagon. According to their search of provider websites as of August 7 , approximately 696 of the 7,555 government-identified providers on their list advertise data-limited plans on their websites.

Per the Verge , this ridiculous money-hole-posing-as-a-phone clocks in with “the most luxurious technology”—roughly similar specifications to a high-end smartphone that costs less than a third of the sticker price—as well as a “liquid metal” frame, “Italian handmade black leather” and the Tonino Lamborghini Raging Bull logo, which symbolizes “strength, courage, determination and boldness.”

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