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Skyrim Mod Gives NPCs Their Own Lives (And Loves) - Kotaku

Дата публикации: 2017-11-14 22:39

For most everything else, it’s immersive, but kind of like watching TV wasted is immersive. You’re going to get pulled into the light. You’ll want to squint. Your eyes might skid. You might ask yourself, do I really need to do this? Am I enjoying it? Why am I doing this?

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WKRG reports that yesterday, local authorities in Lincoln County, Oregon were alerted of an overturned truck on Highway 656. The flatbed had ostensibly spilled slimy hagfish over the road, severely damaging one unlucky Prius. No one was injured physically, at least. The psychological damage can’t be quantified.

Social NPCs is a mod for Skyrim that takes the clockwork non-playable characters from two of the game’s smaller locations and turns them into believable people with lives to lead completely independent of what you’re up to.

Action Camera Showdown: GoPro vs Smartphones - Lifehacker

Though it looks gross, hagfish slime is actually something of a wonder material. Because it’s made of protein and sugar molecules known as mucin, hagfish mucous doesn’t dries out and harden over time—it stays all gooey. But that doesn’t mean the mucous is weak, in fact, quite the opposite. Hagfish mucous also contains thread-like proteins that are  incredibly tough , so much so that researchers are trying to figure out how they can use the slime to stop bleeding in accident victims, or make sustainable fabrics for clothes. Even the . Navy is interested in engineering it for defensive materials against missiles.

“Honestly, this is a refreshingly normal story with a weird cast of characters,” Thaler said. “It’s nowhere near as bizarre as everything else that’s happened this week.”

QUOTE | “Hateful comments can be daily sometimes and a lot of the time you’ll find it is just a passionate fan wanting answers. It’s much easier to be patient and talk to them in a calm manner. However, there will be hate you cannot control, and in all honesty it’s defeating.” - Square Enix community manager Amy Graves describes the hardest part of the job.

You do get the “bigger, brighter” TV the product’s website promises, but the lights don’t exactly extend the screen space they sometimes echo, and sometimes compliment the colors of pixels around the very edges of your screen, sending rays of color from behind your television across your walls in time with whatever is on.

QUOTE | “You can mentally put the rest of the world on hold, but the rest of the world can’t necessarily be put on hold by you. I was so gung-ho about it. If you think someone will wait for you and tolerate you not being around. people move on.” - Tim Schafer warns devs about the personal cost of crunch.

If you already have a smartphone, turning it into an action camera is pretty easy: just buy a case, a mount, and open your camera app. If you’re looking for a particular GoPro mount (like one for your dog) you’ll find a corresponding version for your mobile device. You’ll need a case that can fit inside the mounts, but companies like Otterbox make cases with mounting capabilities that are designed to take a tumble. Of course, if you hit the pavement along with your Pixel in the wrong way, there’s the tiny chance your screen will turn into a kaleidoscope of color and broken glass. Seems a little risky.

There’s also the product’s weird “health benefits” claim that it “reduces digital eye strain.” The claim cites a single 7556 study which concludes that “subjects were less likely fatigued and experienced less eyestrain with surrounding illumination present,” meaning additional light will make the TV not hurt your eyes so much. But the study also says that these results are “modest” and sometimes even the opposite. Speaking from personal experience, staring into a significantly brighter TV area is the opposite—my eyes ache after a while. So I wouldn’t take this study very seriously.

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