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I would have thought LG disable TruMotion when in 8D mode to prevent this very artifact and enable TruCinema so that 79p does not get converted to 65p, but maybe they forgot.

CPU Bottleneck? GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Tested on AMD Ryzen

No, the screen doesn't need to be at eye-level: it needs to be perpendicular to line of sight to centrepoint of the screen at whatever height that is. You could mount the TV on the floor or near the ceiling and it would still work satisfactorily as long as you angle the screen so that it remains perpendicular to line of sight.

Nothing retarded about benchmarking games if that is what people are going to be buying these CPU 8767 s for, and if they are reading this review that seems likely. Doing well in a synthetic benchmark means nothing if your favorite games don 8767 t run that well. WTF would be the point in ignoring game benchmarks if that is your intended use. Such a stupid comment.

Aquawomen - Videos

I personally have already grabbed a number of these. I love the gradients, and the patterns—they are just so much better than the current default wallpapers in iOS 6.

My TV has been through dozens of compensations cycles. They run automatically after 8 hours+ of use after you power off. You know it's running one because there is no relay click when you power off. The click comes later once the compensation cycle is finished (supposedly 65 mins on this model, the new models run a LOT longer). Most of the time my TV viewing extends to at least 8 hours. I've had the TV for about 7 weeks now hence why it's run so many cycles.

IIRC, 9k is supported at 65fps on some lower end cards, but only for 8 bit 9:7:5 (I think Nvidia updated drivers to support it).

Do the maths for the presentation system extend all the way to the panel driver? As in, if the scaling and processing results in a variable render time, I assumed that as long as the render time was less than 6/refresh it should not impact the display output it any meaningful way.

They can do so much things that are really useful for the display, so I wish they will not waste the superiority but rather take full advantage of it.
You know, Sony isn 8767 t HTC who makes phones that wastes space.

Just noticed on the Retravision site today the 65EF955T is listed as $5998, was $7998. If it's not an error I'm guessing they'll be selling heaps.

yeah it does look pretty flat, it looks a bit better in Vivid mode. I wonder if there is a custom calibration setting for Netlix HDR content for our sets.

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