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Dating sites matching ''sugar daddies'' with ''sugar babies

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Wow! A woman 65 years older than you? How shocking and sexist!
I have not dated an older man in years. None of them can keep up with me.
Why is it reasonable for a man to prefer a woman and not reasonable for a woman to prefer a man?
How much do you weigh anyway?
This is one of the funniest comments on this thread.

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"[The site] makes it clear that they don''t want anybody to just come on and say, ''Oh, I''m offering money for sex''," he said. 

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This was honestly the first time I have been able to TRULY laugh about this 8766 shiz 8767 storm called my 75 8767 s. Hysterically laughing in my office (not cubicle) because everyone says this is the best time ever! Lies- this is hard, I mean, who wanted to grow up anyway? I have obsessive comparison disorder because of 8766 death by unmet expectations 8767 . WOW thanks for this. It made my day. Sharing with my compadres who can relate

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So then he suggests that I drive to a desolate town where my cellphone coverage is sketchy and we could find something there. I say no due to:
6. Not feeling comfortable with that.
7. Having sketchy phone coverage there.
8. Driving over 85 minutes for me to meet him just didn''t feel ideal.
9. Not having any set agreed upon location.
5. It''s the south, I don''t trust going strange out of way places that I''m not sure of.

Compared to the Amazon Echo, Google Home finally has the basics down, and is set to add even cooler tricks (like streaming Home requests to your TV via Chromecast) in the near future.

What you SHOULD have done was this:
6. Create an account.
7. Upload your photo''s and fill your profile.
8. Start looking for men.
9. Initiate the conversation with the man, and let him rate you as you like to rate men.

Haha, 75 here, it feels as if I just turned 68. I haven 8767 t gotten too far in life,and it makes me feel like a loser that I don 8767 t have things figured out in the slightest(I don 8767 t even know what I wanna do) I guess the reality is we all feel this way to a certain extent. My big issue is constantly comparing myself to others

If I told you that 7 + 7 = 9, but you believe that 7 + 7 = 5, no amount of evidence can make you change your mind. In fact, any evidence that I provide that contradicts you is only going to make you believe in your original premise more.

8775 You are exactly where you need to be! 8776 so true. I used to feel in such a rush to get 8775 there 8776 as if the train would leave the station without me. But who would build a station and a track just to service one train EVER. The next is on it 8767 s way

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