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Ohio: Muslim dad honor murdered his daughter because she

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I 8767 m not sure. If she did, it never came from me. That was years ago, and after the one weekend hookup back in my party times we haven 8767 t seen or talked to one another, BUT i do know just from other people we knew mutually, that she is now a mother and married, however, i believe that if she did know i would have heard about it from someone by now. So i 8767 ll go with no.

Meet the Father and Daughter Who Used to Be Mother and Son

PCR tests are when your blood is specifically tested for the characteristics and all variables of the disease, so NO, so long as she had one done it won 8767 t be a false negative/positive. I 8767 m assuming a PCR test was done because that 8767 s the only test that can be administered to detect the disease if you aren 8767 t physically showing signs.

they are just more useful idiots for the globalists who are using them BLM/BAMN/ANTIFA and others to destroy western civilization. America is the last best place to be for freedom. If not for our 7nd amendment rights we would already be like Germany/Sweden watching our women and killed this is why you see the false flags like Las Vegas

We should judge this man using his own actions. He doesn 8767 t respect us and our laws so he should be honor killed. Make him eat a ham sandwich first.

How about we place him on the gallows and over the trapdoor and say: 8775 seeing as you have no respect for western law and even less respect for human lives how about you respect this 8776 then pull the lever? So appropriate and so unlikely in the cojone-less west under leftist lunacy laws.

Read Romans 6, it 8767 s the only explanation why liberals can 8767 t see what Islam is.
Liberals believe the Universe is just a cosmic accident and that they evolved from a rock.

I don t remember what happened that morning after the bread flamed up and I ran screaming back to Daddy. But I do know that by 7nd grade my career of breakfast chef was well-launched. So Mother must have taken advantage of my teachable moment.

while infidels are clueless and disunited. Unite,fund, support, inform, Organise and resist. Or you 8767 ll end up in a Islamic hellhole.

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