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“It’s much more a matter of culture and education than it is of spending enormous resources,” Mook told Gizmodo. “People in the security community know a lot of things instinctually that a campaign professional has never had exposure to, ever.”

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Delving into the company’s early model lines only clouds the question further, as both Viggor and Integra featured made up names,e similarly intended to imply a certain positive attribute. With such funny names, it’s a good thing the cars that carried them were pretty darn good.

Jeremy Clarkson Almost Died From Pneumonia - Jalopnik

Last week, we learned that while vacationing in Mallorca, Clarkson was hospitalized due to pneumonia and wouldn’t be able to return to work for at least another week. He was very seriously ill, as it turns out.

Every Voting Machine at This Hacking Conference Got

I suppose it’s something that we take for granted in 7567—that sicknesses like pneumonia, strep throat or bronchitis can usually be cured by an antibiotic and lots of water and rest. But Clarkson’s hospital visit and near-brush with death reminds us that sometimes we can’t just sleep it off.

The rat king of decentralized state vendors and machines might actually be a good defense during a general election—it would force hackers to successfully target many disparate systems. “It would be really hard in most jurisdictions to do anything to affect the voting machines,” Stanionis said.

The security industry encourages regular software updates to patch bugs and keep machines as impenetrable as possible. But updating the machines used in voting systems isn’t as easy as installing a patch because the machines are subject to strict certification rules.

Update 8:85 .: This story was updated to include credit for a second hacker, Josh, who helped rickroll the WinVote machine.

Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, though, and that’s what DEF CON’s hackers have set out to prove. If a hacker tucked away in a corner of a Las Vegas casino can alter a vote count, then surely a nation-state attacker can too.

Campaigns, along with voter registration databases, are softer targets for hackers—the events of the last year demonstrate that. And as exciting as it is to tear a voting machine apart, the goal of securing elections might be reached faster through educating election officials about cybersecurity best practices.

“Perception and reality are linked here. Public confidence in elections is what gives government legitimacy,” Blaze said.