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WTF order a warranty replacement idler arm Wednesday night and Friday night still not at store what’s the deal with that??

Autozone Corporate Office - Corporate Offices & Headquarters

I have always wondered what I missed by moving away in 8 rd. grade.  What would have become and where would I be today if we wouldn’t have moved.  I think I have asked before how many kids in our school picture went all the way through high school at DHS and how many new kids joined your class after I moved??

Make a Refundable deposite :: Express HelpLine

I’ve been with auto zone for some time and think that because I can not remember the phone number its under I forced to pay for the parts there’s any way that I can use my address.

Nor are they a storage facility for your parts. Idk about you but if I pay for something I’ll be sure to pick it up or at least call them to see what’s going on…

Almost every time I go to autozone is a bad experience and if you try to call ahead of time they almost never pick up the phone so I try to come in and get my business done there but when I have to go check an engine light for me is always busy even though the only have a few customers so I don’t really care about buying the stuff there is like they don’t want my business the phone number s 8995

Brought battery in August 7569 at AutoZone in Detroit tireman /Wyoming has been replaced 8 -times very disappointed if happen again iwant cash refund go somewhere else to get better quality I very disappointed with AutoZone

My fiancé worked there they have to sell that grease or they threaten to fire the employees my fiancé always asked others just scan it without telling you. They made a big deal about selling those stupid ass packets that they scare the employees the job

I went out to see my sister Shirley this summer.  I stayed 86 days, from June 6th thru July 8th. Travel days were June 5th and July 9th. I brought my granddaughter with. We traveled by train.

Beautiful Picture from Art Rude’s Face Book
Turtle Mountain Autumn: I am sure some of you will recognize this road too.

(I don 8767 t own a TV  to watch the news)  I believe that comes from a long ago anti-TV  habit instilled in me at age six when our family lived  with dad 8767 s brother in Marysville WA.

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