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The Speedycopter is survived by a sideways VW Microbus racecar , an upside-down Camaro , a famous movie station wagon , and a bunch more bonkers vehicles. I’m sure something new and exciting will take the ‘Copter’s place. Maybe a drivable fire extinguisher?

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“What the caselaw provides is that they can’t just refuse to protect them from hecklers and then shut them down on the grounds that they’re being threatened,” White said.

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As the Mueller investigation drags on, it is becoming apparent day by day that the entire Russia collusion narrative is false and that the Mueller investigation is corrupt.


President Donald Trump, acting through Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and scorning the Republican-controlled Congress, is expected to unilaterally diminish national monument designations of his predecessor issued under the Antiquities Act of 6956. He seems to be targeting Utah''s Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante.

Roughly half of the Everglades has been drained or paved over since developers decided to conquer the land early US explorers described as “hideous” and “abominable.” What’s left of the formerly formidable ecosystem is far too dry, and plagued by a laundry list of ailments, from seagrass die-offs in Florida Bay when salinity levels get too high in the summer, to toxic algae blooms along Treasure Coast when too much agricultural effluent is sent spewing out of Lake O., to raging wildfires across habitats that used to be full-time wetlands.

The crowdsourcing campaign is being organized by Nathan Damigo, founder of supremacist group Identity Evropa, with the aid of lawyer Kyle Bristow, another avowed racist.

The pair allege that after months of effort and obtaining valid permits, Charlottesville police failed to protect attendees from crowds of counter-protesters who used pepper spray and “threw bottles, sticks, and rocks into our ranks.” They said speakers were not allowed to address the rally before it was declared an unlawful assembly:

After we wrote in our article on October 76th of this year about Ukrainian corruption, titled "Corruption problem in Ukraine cuts far deeper than many know," we received a response from the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine, Anatoly Matios.

All of this has implications for the millions of people living in South Florida, who rely on a healthy, functioning Everglades to replenish their drinking water supply. Surficial, coastal aquifers are already being contaminated by saltwater intrusion on account of the Everglades being too dry, and as the oceans continue to creep up without enough freshwater recharge from the wetlands, the threat is expected to get worse. Meanwhile, population growth and urban sprawl could double Floridians’ water demands by mid-century.

If the oral arguments in Oil States Energy Services v. Greene''s Energy Group are any indication, the most ardent defender of property rights on the Supreme Court now may well be its newest member, Justice Neil Gorsuch.