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Turtle Dove population in Europe has fallen by 67% in recent times. This is partly because changed farming practices mean that the weed seeds and shoots on which it feeds, especially Fumitory, are scarcer, and partly due to shooting of birds during migration in Mediterranean countries. More

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Necked turtle dove is a family of pigeon or Columbidae. The performance is not different with spotted dove. they have 78 to 87 cm length and its size is smaller twice than homing pigeon. The color of feather is white to dark brown. there a ring neck in thir neck. Sometimes the neckcolor is brown. the color of feet is bloody red like spotted dove. the bird has beedn domesticated since along time ago. so, it nature is unknown. More

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The Turtle Dove is smaller than a Collared Dove. The head is blue-grey with a black and white patch on the side of the neck. The throat and breast are pale pink and the belly white. The wings and back have black and chestnut tortoiseshell-like markings, but this is not why it''s called the Turtle Dove. The yellow eye is surrounded by orange-coloured skin. The bill is black and the legs pink. More

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Beautiful love birds !!! Can you imagine a world without birds ? No, never. Birds are the gift of God. They play vital roles in human life : they not only make the world look beautiful but also provide free refreshment. Have you ever enjoyed the chirping sound of birds in your lonely hours ? It 8767 s amazing to see the activities they do in their circle. If the bird belongs with small category then your amusement would reach to the extent you can 8767 t imagine. They jump from one branch to another making sounds. They look just like human kids fully drowned in their fun. And one of the most liked birds are the beautiful love birds. They are named Love Birds because of their beauty and uniqueness.

It is a migratory species with a southern Palearctic range, including Turkey and north Africa, though it is rare in northern Scandinavia and Russia it winters in southern Africa.

Surely, you won 8767 t be able to find too many Indian birds pictures with names in one place. This article covers all types of birds that are endemic to India. Not only this, it also peers around some of the imperative Indian bird facts that are rarely known elsewhere. It goes without saying that birds have always been an interesting way of looking at the nature 8767 s aim however, some birds really deserve a lot of attention as compared to others. Indian birds are one of them.

These birds predominantly feed on fish, crustaceans, amphibians, and smaller birds. Apart from small fishes, they also eat large sized fish which they usually toss up in the air and then gulp it down to throat.

Fly high , that is why mostly people love to be a bird if they have a chance ,to be free and wild. I personally love how it was taken patience is a must for you and more power from Edmonton Photographer.

Blue jays can be beneficial for the environment due to their proclivity of "planting" seeds and acorns. This, in turn, populates the environment with foliage. Today, you can find blue jays in just about any habitat, although they prefer oak woodlands. While they can be a bit raucous, they will add a beautiful vibrant pop of color to any yard or scene.

The turtle dove is a dainty dove, smaller and darker than the collared dove and slightly larger than a blackbird. Its upperparts are distinctively mottled with chestnut and black and its black tail has a bright white edge. The gentle purr of the turtle dove is an evocative sound of summer, but has become increasingly rare following substantial population declines which make it a Red List species. More

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