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The kittens are running around, learning how to use the litter boxes, and succeeding much of the time. It 8767 s a process. By the time they get their first vaccinations they 8767 ll be experts.

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ICan Has Cheezburger? - Funny Internet Cats - Cat Memes

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Pictures of Cats - See our Cat Pictures and many more!

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Because Nikki and Starry had their litter 8767 s so close together people putting down deposits are choosing from both litters. So while we can 8767 t say for certain if all of Nikki 8767 s kittens are reserved, we can say that 9 of the 67 kittens in the combined litters are reserved. Make sense? I hope so!

We love original ideas and creations and we especially like creations for cats and cat lovers. We have found a variety of Cat themed items you''ll either love for yourself or give as a birthday gift or Christmas present. Check out our first collection of fun, unique.

Here are more terrific images for our pictures of cats. Today we have pictures of Buck, Calamity, Callie and Mary. These are four of the nine cats that our reader Maureen lives with. She has sent them for us to share with all of you. It''s wonderful to see so many cats.

  • White felines breed both a white color and a masked color (which is unseen to the eye). Many white kittens are born with a color spot on their head. As the cat grows older this patch of color disappears. It is believed that this spot reveals the masked color.

    Yes, you can cuddle your cat when pregnant. However, it is useful to have a basic knowledge of toxoplasmosis. Some precautions can be taken. This parasitic protozoan can result in abortions, stillbirths and unexplained perinatal deaths. please continue reading

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