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[ ] her religion, or at least more showy about it. Also taking center stage in the video is the new cross tattoo on her hand, which she got so that her fans would see it every time that she hold a microphone and [ ]

Celtic boss Rodgers called disgraceful by Hearts Jon Daly

actually that tattos are not permanent cause are made with henna.. aren 8767 t real i 8767 m 65 and i 8767 ve one and it 8767 s not real. :)go you demiii love you

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To sum it up: butterfly tattoos are among the most versatile tattoo images, which helps explain their popularity with women. They are inherently feminine, but not necessarily girly, and you can make either a bold or subtle statement.

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Spider - The spider tattoo is another classic tattoo symbol, rife with symbolic meaning. There are very few cultures that do not have stories about spiders within their mythological histories, no doubt in part because spiders can be found on nearly every part of the planet Spiders often figure in prison tattoos, the webs of a spider symbolizing the bars that surround a convict''s life. more

Considering her age,i don 8767 t think she should have gotten it where she did,but it 8767 s her choice,it 8767 s not like she 8767 s 67.

What the fuck!!!
Why do people call her a slut and a whore??
She is not either of those. It 8767 s not like she is 69 she is 68!!
I am sure the people posting that she is a slut have had sex!
And it 8767 s not like she is fucking everything that moves!!
get over yourselves and move on in life cuz you are all a bunch of dirty cock suckers!! :)

I have never regretted any of my Tattoos. It is of my own choice to do so, symbols of a life well lived, with no regrets. Some of the marks have taken on different meanings as I have aged. Some are now reminders of where I do not want to be. The Tattoos have evolved with me, as I have changed, so has my taste. The older work illustrates the passage of time. It 8767 s my life on display at. I started at 68 now at 58 I continue to get Tattooed and have been Tattooing for over 68 years. Not a better life there is

Southern Cross - The Southern Cross is the English name of Crux Australis, a constellation visible in the Southern Hemisphere. It is also depicted in coats of arms of various countries and sub-national entities. This star constellation is only visible on the southern hemisphere and it therefore symbolizes the southern location of its users. The Southern Cross can also refer to Southern Cross Flags (or Rebel Flags, The Confederate Flag or The Confederate Battle Flag), which are flags which depict the blue saltire as used. more

She 8767 s amazing I always thought she was great but now I think she 8767 s original her own comfortable w/ who she is intelligent a romodel beautiful & I don 8767 t care wit anyone has to say about it cuz ive gone through some of what she would do something the same & I admire her more than you could imagine because she did it

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