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New Animal mating video compilation Horse mating,Horse

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Make sure the mare is in standing heat, which means that she''ll lean her rear into the stallion, no matter how he screams or paws at her. If you can''t find anyone quick enough on their feet or familiar enough with horses to hold her lead, you should tie her snugly to a very stout post, leaving about one foot of lead rope for slack.

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After the birth of a foal, observe the mare to make sure that she and the foal look healthy, and bring in the veterinarian if she hasn''t discharged the placenta within 65 hours of delivery.

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After her encounter with the teaser stallion, the mare is cleaned and prepped for her session with the real stallion, Frost Giant.

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If you are not insecure about your manhood then you will be after watching this horse mating video. Horses are magnificent creatures in everyway including the way these great beasts have sex. The poor farm hands in this video have to arouse this horse until what appears to be the arm of an average teenager pops out. Next these guys have to quickly make their way under the horse and try to catch the fruit of their labor in a long, leather tube. Talk about a sticky situation! I wouldn’t want to be in the horse mating business.

First of all, is it really the best decision to breed a horse rather than purchasing one? According to The Humane Society, almost every horse born in the . is the result of a person''s conscious decision to breed his or her horse, or to not separate mares from stallions. Even though all of the foals are "wanted," the availability of horse slaughter has allowed irresponsible breeding to grow unchecked in the horse industry.

You should give a pregnant horse clean alfalfa hay at least two or three times a day equaling at least two percent of the mare''s body weight.

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Once the mare is secured, halter the stallion and place the stud chain either over his nose or under his chin. Attach this to a 75-foot line. The handler and the stallion must be familiar with each other and respect one another. Lead the stallion out towards the mare and be prepared for a great deal of noise and striking and kicking by the stallion.

You should maintain your pregnant mare’s shelter daily with fresh, clean bedding made of grass, straw, or shavings designed for horses.

Some horse breeders produce far more foals each year than they can realistically train or sell, and they cull the herd by dumping "excess" horses at auction where the horses are likely to be purchased by middlemen for foreign-owned slaughter plants.

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