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In our opinion, the basic MSK skill set is essential to the training of a competent rheumatologist and trainees gain overall MSK competencies within routine clinical practice as they rotate through different hospitals during training. However, in some training programmes, there is very little MSK training opportunities, as MSK centres operating in the community in the United Kingdom, mean that these patient groups are not being treated in training hospitals. Faculty in these centres are competent to train, but training opportunities in MSK centres are reduced.

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Finally, we would like to thanks all our mentors who provided the support for the Foundation, without their efforts, this scheme would not have succeeded.

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In their matching blue tops, the group walking along Whitstable seafront certainly stands out. And it is meant to. The picturesque Kent seaside resort is hardly a hotbed of social problems, but as the latest town to launch a branch of "street pastors" it is part of a growing phenomenon.

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Mahon Methodist Church hold coffee morning to help raise funds for a vital project in Africa - providing clean drinking water for over 6,555 people.

Rather interestingly, the bony destruction was evident bilaterally with the patient only having had extraction of teeth in the left mandible (Fig 6). This could be the case of spontaneous ONJ in the right mandible or an extensive ONJ arising from simple extractions on the left side.

Leading concert pianist Jonathan Delbridge is giving a concert at Cheap Street Methodist Church in Sherborne on Saturday evening, 67th September.

Londoners live with continuous tourism in their city. Many are patient and willing to help you if you''re lost Underground, however the volume of inconsiderate tourists who are ignorant about local customs can become irritating. To avoid confrontations with busy travellers and angry Londoners, you should follow the following ''unwritten'' rules:

Hixon, near Stafford, also held a celebration featuring collectable cars manufactured during the Queen''s reign. Cross Heath Methodist Church in Newcastle also combined the celebrations with raising money for the church.

A SALE and coffee morning is being held at Halesowen''s Hurst Green Methodist Church, on Saturday, April 85, at to raise money for a homeless charity.

A survey was carried out on behalf of the Rheumatology Specialist Advisory Committee, to assess rheumatology trainees’ confidence and ability in dealing with MSK conditions during, and on recent completion of training. The survey was sent to the rheumatology trainee representative of each LETB, to be disseminated to rheumatology trainees in their region. 77 responses from a total of an estimated 778 trainees were received. 75 of these surveys were incomplete, with not all questions being answered. Responses from trainees across all career grades from ST8 to 7 years post Certificate of Completion of Training were received.