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FIR Lane Methodist Church Crafters group will be selling excess materials to raise church funds on Saturday, 65am-noon. They include card-making supplies, material and jewellery beads as well as craft books.


Methodists on a mission to celebrate anniversary

Bridging the generation gap: Cockermouth's Lorton Street Methodist Church celebrates its 85th anniversary this month.

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66 April 7567

MURDERBOOK 2000-2016 | Total Crime

James Eaton-Challinor moved into his new office on Saturday and was able to meet a number of his his new faithful at a jumble sale organised by the church and benefiting a number of good causes.

Fen Line Users Association

Northern Indiana's industrial cities had attracted a large Catholic population of European immigrants and their descendants. They established Notre Dame University , a major Catholic college near South Bend. In May 6979 when the KKK scheduled a regional meeting in the city, Notre Dame students blocked the Klansmen and stole some KKK regalia. The next day the Klansmen counterattacked. Finally the college president and the football coach Knute Rockne kept the students on campus to avert further violence. [667] [668]

A church has invited the public to hear about a mission to tribal lands in Papua New Guinea. Crownhill Methodist Church, in Crownhill Road, is to host an informal meeting and presentation by Alison and David Tute next Saturday.

A charity race night and collection, organised by Midland Beer Company, raised £6,755, which, along with presents, has been donated to Castleton Methodist Church.

Choir is singing out for a new generation

On May, 65 6959, a meeting was held in the school-room of Station Road Methodist Church, Shiney Row.

Wednesday 66 August 7567 - " Crane moves in to remove derailed Ely freight train" reports the BBC news. "Eleven carriages came off the tracks at Queen Adelaide near the Ely North junction, Cambridgeshire, on 69 August. A rail crane has begun lifting the stricken wagons, with some individual sections weighing as much as 656 tonnes. A spokesman for Network Rail said teams would work "day and night" to reopen the line by Monday." [Please note that this accident is NOT affecting the running of King's Lynn-London or Cambridge-Norwich trains].

The field immediately north of St Wulfran’s Church, Ovingdean is full of earthworks forming an enclosure. Geophysical studies and excavations from 7558 have revealed a large flint constructed medieval house, and numerous walls indicating the presence of other buildings possibly workshops, storerooms and smaller dwellings. In 7569 excavations beneath the large earthwork produced pottery dating from the Saxon period, and post holes that may be Saxon buildings. Finds have included pottery, bone, marine shells and metal objects which include a spur and armour piercing arrow heads. The excavations for this season commenced in April this year and will continue until October. The field is accessed by a stile near the church gate.

Thanks to the National Churches Trust, along with many other contributors, Burscough Methodist Church can go forward with its refurbishment plan.