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Exodus Not Working in Kodi? Fix Exodus today & Upgrade to

Дата публикации: 2017-11-14 21:30

I am getting a exodus error message and then tells me to check the log. I am not sure how to check the log and I have uninstalled exodus and re installed but still having the same error message pop up.

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I am having an issue with not getting hd or 6585 streams anymore on exodus trying to watch movies any help I 8767 ve tried all the fixes on here?

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I have downloaded Kodi and within a short period of time it stops working. I have tried to reloading it numerous times and get the same problem with a day or two. Any ideas am I downloading it incorrectly? I am not extremely computer literate so please bear with me.


I’m installing exodus and convention. One it installs and works but when I go to play something I get the loading circle but nothing happens and nothing plays.. I logged into my router and changed the settings in my router to secure and made sure to disable firewalls ??? What else is left ?

If it doesn 8767 t work for you, it doesn 8767 t mean it 8767 s buggy as hell. I use this addon every day since it has been released and never had this problem. The only time I had this meesage was when I added a tile from Exodus to KODI Super Favorites and tried to play from there. Either describe exactly, step by step what you are doing or go to TVAddons forum and post an error log there.

You guys should check out vinman 8767 s new addon called vidtime. It 8767 s really good in my opinion. Vinman was the maker of cartoon crazy in Phoenix and also a developer. He 8767 s got skills. I loved cartoon crazy so much had to check out his Independent movie/tv show addon. Very nice. One click direct link files.

I was having the same problem with Exodus not working, im not sure what solved it or even if what I did solved it but I installed phoenix and then my exodus started working correctly.

-When using Real-Debrid the movie only buffer when its paused.. when I resume the stream it stops buffering all together..

til day before yesterday my kodi was working just fine.. but now it isn 8767 t responding well, i can 8767 t even see the lists of movies now. can someone suggest me ways to fix it?

im having trouble with exodus too on my android of the movie selections (in theatre,new releases etc) are was awsome at first and i thought it might be something ive done this gets fixed because its the only add on that i can watch every new movie at the cant get genesis to work and other add ons have the movie to select but nothing comes on.