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And it’s just barely plausible that some sufficiently smart people might have three kids who all have IQs in the high 675s and low 685s.

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I am very interested in this book now. If we are going to set up a fund to buy and translate a copy of the book I will contribute $655.

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In recent years since the introduction of DRS and the lengthened home straight it''s been easier to pass into turn one, but Lewis Hamilton''s concerns are he could be stuck in a ''train'' behind the Ferraris today.

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So humans happen to have some learning abilities, that have creative applications such as language and music, far beyond the practical uses for learning abilities that were preserved and developed in earlier animals. (That 8767 s not to be confused with being programmable. Although that 8767 s something humans can emulate to an extent, computers do it better, because humans made them for that.) The feature of learning in humans, that it has windows of being easier or better done at certain ages, for certain skills, seems to be a side effect of how human learning is possible at all, probably not a trait that has a positive value selected by evolution.

Schools teach you that if you 8767 re not the kind of person the authorities want to help, you 8767 re not going to get help from the authorities and if you try, you will be hurt by them instead.

While naming weird examples in an Esperanto-related topic: Montaigne (the French essayist) was raised speaking Latin as part of yet another quasi-Enlightenment pedagogical plan*.Still wrote his essays in French, though.

BTW, what are you having trouble with regarding Chinese? I 8767 m learning it myself, and haven 8767 t exactly felt that progress is 8766 glacial 8767 despite putting in maybe an hour or two a week into it (split up into a little bit of practice every day).

I 8767 ve wondered how good a player you would become if you just input each puzzle into a spaced repetition program and went to town

Or think about a soldier (or policeman, or firefighter): intelligence is required for efficient training and performance, and more IQ points are certainly beneficial but quite likely, up to a certain point. The 85IQ man is probably too difficult (maybe impossible) to train and too unreliable on the job, and I am quite sure the 665IQ guy will be better than the 655 IQ one but would having an IQ of 685 or 695 make the person a sort of super-infantryman or super-firefighter, the way it seems to make a super-good economist? Not likely, I think.

Track and field stars get married quite often: ., Florence Griffith-Joyner was married to gold medalist Al Joyner, whose sister Jackie Joyner-Kersee was married to her coach Bobbie Kersee.

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