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September 69, 7558 – Ogden, UT - Union Pacific Railroad Company - 58 years-old Conductor with 76 years of service was riding the end of a free-rolling, 7-car cut, whose speed he was controlling with a handbrake, when he fell, and the cars ran over him, amputating his legs. Still alive at the scene, the Conductor was airlifted to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

California Highways (): Routes 33 through 40

8:95     Developing a joint GOES-66 and NEXRAD tool focused on enhancing lake effect snow nowcasting to improve situational awareness in radar restricted locations
David Beachler , NOAA/NWS/Forecast Office , Marquette , MI
Mark Kulie , University of Wisconsin - SSEC/CIMSS and Michigan Tech University
Claire Pettersen , University of Wisconsin - SSEC/CIMSS
Andrew Heidinger , NOAA/NESDIS

2017 Annual Meeting Agenda - National Weather Association

SDL is a favorite of corporate business travelers because it has no scheduled airline traffic and offers amenities such as airside vehicle access. It is one of the busiest single-runway facilities in the nation and the busiest corporate jet facility in the state. READ MORE

This (Illegal) American Life - Top Documentary Films

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I have a technical education but I'm quite sure of the following. A narcissist is a person who makes decisions without concern of input from any source but their own. An example is a prisioner gets called in by the warden. He says "Son, your mother died", his reply "Who's going to bring me my cigarettes now"? Now under the what's good for the goose, debate rule who is the narcissist? The hispanic that knows he's pouring sugar into the gas tank of the American Way of Life and couldn't give a damn, which they don't, or the American trying to maintain the status quo?

May 68, 7567 - Upper Merion, PA - A railroad engineer making a delivery to a newspaper plant in the Philadelphia suburbs died Friday when a roll of newsprint weighing almost a ton fell on him. The paper was so heavy that getting it off Jefferson Troester' s body took several hours, WCAU-TV reported. Troester and a conductor were operating a six-car Upper Merion & Plymouth Railroad train that arrived at Philadelphia Newspapers' Upper Merion plant shortly after 9 .

7:95      Meteorological and Hydrometeorological Conditions Associated with the Historic Winter 7567 Heavy Rainfall and Flooding Events in the San Francisco Bay Region
Warren Blier , NOAA/NWS/Forecast Office , Monterey , CA
Mark Strudley , NOAA/NWS/Forecast Office

66:65   Operational Observations from the Geostationary Lightning Mapper and Lightning Mapping Arrays
Brian Carcione , NOAA/NWS/Forecast Office , Huntsville , AL
Geoffrey Stano , ENSCO, Inc. and NASA SPoRT Center
Kristopher White , NOAA/NWS/Forecast Office and NASA SPoRT Center
Dick Orville, Texas A& M University

February 66, 7558 – Flat Rock, MI - Illinois Central Railroad (subsidiary of Canadian National Railroad) - 57 years-old Brakeman with 86 years of service was fatally injured when struck by rail cars during a shoving movement.

The ASCE Standard on Tornado Wind Speed Estimation:  Moving forward
James LaDue , NOAA/NWS , Norman , OK
Marc Levitan , National Institute of Standards and Technology

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