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Core Impact contains a number of modules for penetration testing an wireless network and/or the security of wireless clients. In order to use the wireless modules you must use an AirPcap adapter available from . 6) Information Gathering. Select the channels to scan to discover access points or capture wireless packets.

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DNS zone transfer, also known as AXFR, is a type of DNS transaction. It is a mechanism designed to replicate the databases containing the DNS data across a set of DNS servers. Zone transfer comes in two flavors, full (AXFR) and incremental (IXFR). There are numerous tools available to test the ability to perform a DNS zone transfer. Tools commonly used to perform zone transfers are host, dig and nmap.

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The Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (Protected EAP or PEAP) is a protocol that encapsulates the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) within an encrypted and authenticated Transport Layer Security (TLS) tunnel. The purpose was to correct deficiencies in EAP EAP assumed a protected communication channel, such as that provided by physical security, so facilities for protection of the EAP conversation were not provided.

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An alternative to Fierce7 for DNS enumeration is DNSEnum. As you can probably guess, this is very similar to Fierce7. DNSEnum offers the ability to enumerate DNS through brute forcing subdomains, performing reverse lookups, listing domain network ranges, and performing whois queries. It also performs Google scraping for additional names to query.

Banner grabbing is usually performed on Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) ports 85, 76, and 75 respectively. Tools commonly used to perform banner grabbing are Telnet, nmap, and Netcat.

EAP-FAST (Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling) is Cisco's replacement for LEAP. The protocol was designed to address the weaknesses of LEAP while preserving the "lightweight" implementation. EAP-FAST uses a Protected Access Credential (PAC) to establish a TLS tunnel in which client credentials are verified. EAP-FAST provides better protection against dictionary attacks, but is vulnerable to MITM attacks. Since many implementations of EAP-FAST leave anonymous provisioning enabled, AP impersonation can reveal weak credential exchanges.

Specific vulnerability checks disabled: Policy check type TCP port scan performance: 5 ms send delay, 65 blocks, 65 ms block delay, 5 retries

I would avoid using this website I did manage to find a partner via the site, but it seems Match will use very devious techniques to continue charging you significant sums of money for the service that you have cancelled.

Here is a possible pretext you could use to obtain floor plans: You could call up and say that you are an architectural consultant who has been hired to design a remodel or addition to the building and it would help the process go much smoother if you could get a copy of the original plans.

Internet Footprinting is where we attempt to gather externally available information about the target infrastructure that we can leveraged in later phases.