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Since the 75s and the departure of the general De Gaulle, we have been culturaly colonized by the (like most of the western world), and that caused the rising of feminism and political correctness.

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The key is to ask about her interests, and after the 8rd or 9th exchange, say that you have so many common interests that you''d love to chat more over a coffee some time. A coffee date is a great start.

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Everybody has the right be a fat slob. However, such people shouldn 8767 t be disappointed when it fails to be taken on as a societal norm.

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You are serious the biggest white knight beta on here.. I see all your comments and how weak they are. You are probably actually a female.

I am an athlete in exceptional shape. I take a pic above my penis so you can see the V shape that leads to my well built abs. in the text below the pic I say, "Sorry, I think sending dick pics are gross :$".
Within a day or two they "subtlety" ask for a straight up dick pic or want to meet up for obvious reasons..

I''m 69 going on 75 and the first messages are from guys way older than me at 85 and up to their 55''s. Where are the dudes closer to my age ! Its bloody creepy. Seriously why, Even when I dont have a picture.

Thanks for your comment Chuney. It helps us women so much to hear about your experience and POV. You sound like a good man who has had some of the same type of challenges as many women. Enjoy being married to a good woman. Bp

David J. Ley, . , is a clinical psychologist and the author of Insatiable Wives, Women Who Stray and The Men Who Love Them.

It needs to be faced that a long term match for those of us who know what we want are going to be 6% if that of the on-line pool. Because for me (I''m gay) a man who responds with a thought out message, has a well thought out profile, or strikes first says something about them as a person. They are not timid, they have self-confidence, they can write, they considerate enough to reply and all of these traits translate to traits in real life.

I also think that online matching often has less to do with compatibility and more to do with the TIMING of when you''re matched up with someone.

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