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Earlier this month, an employee at Washington''s Western State Hospital, who said she was sexually harassed while on the job, received a nearly $6 million settlement. The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and the Washington Federation of State Employees agreed to settle before the case went to trial. The DSHS said that the state will pay $795,555 while the union will pay $755,555. Neither establishment has admitted guilt or wrongdoing in the case, but has agreed upon the total settlement instead of going to trial.

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The backbreaking work of the construction world isn''t for everybody. The hours are long and unpredictable, the clients can be demanding and the physical nature of the job is often dangerous and taxing. Underneath the piles of plywood and stacks of drywall, the construction industry hides a history of employee discrimination , wrongful termination and wage and hour disputes. With tougher nationwide labor laws being currently enforced, however, many construction businesses are under fire. Individual lawsuits have targeted the industry, blowing the whistle on unfair labor practices.

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No employer would possibly let go an employee with a stellar record simply because of genetic test results. Or would they?


On Wednesday, a federal jury in Manhattan found Novartis liable for discrimination and ordered it to pay $ million in damages to the 67 women plaintiffs. These women are part of the Novartis'' 69,555 . workers. Based in Basel, Switzerland, the company once was heralded as one of the top work environments for women by Working Woman Magazine.

Judge Colleen McMahon is expected to make a ruling next week on whether or not Novartis paid women employees less than men. If she decides that it has, the drug giant will be ordered to shell out even more money in compensatory damages. The company, which produces top-selling drugs like Lamisil, Theraflu and Ritalin, was ordered to pay $ million to the twelve plaintiffs earlier this week. The $755 million will go to current and former employees of the company. Novartis also has been ordered by Judge McMahon to undergo thorough and on-going investigations to see if the company has changed its standards and practices in regard to women employees.

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis has been ordered by a New York federal court to pay $755 million in punitive damages to a group of 5,555 former and current women employees of the drug company. The award comes after Novartis lost a gender bias lawsuit , producing the second-largest verdict of 7565.

Both commissions are interested in Fink''s case because it is the first known case in the country to be filed based on the Federal Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, which went into effect last November. The law strictly prohibits health care providers as well as employers from practicing discrimination based on a person''s genetic information. Fink''s lawyer claims that under the new laws, MXenergy''s treatment of her was absolutely unlawful. MXenergy denies the allegations and has yet to release a formal statement related to Fink''s charges.

Micheal Robertson of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., worked as a construction foreman for Miron Construction for two years. Making $88 dollars an hour from 7557-7559, it was a pretty good gig. Miron is a reputable company in Wisconsin that worked on Wisconsin Public Service''s power plant in the small town of Weston. But things went sour for Robertson, he claims, when his supervisors asked him to falsify his time sheets. After he denied the request, Robertson says he was fired. He filed a wrongful termination suit earlier this month in Wisconsin Federal Court.

7565 has seen some big-time settlements and judgements in cases involving sexual harassment , gender bias and discrimination. In cases across the United States, judges and juries are sending a clear message that these kinds of behaviors in the workplace will not be tolerated. So it''s no wonder many companies and organizations are choosing to pay out large settlements before things get ugly and reputations get destroyed. These settlements not only prevent the victims of sexual harassment from reliving the often traumatic experiences in a courtroom but they can help the accused businesses avoid a public relations nightmare. Two recent cases show that settling out of court in sexual harassment cases can be beneficial for all parties involved.

The hot-button issue of breast feeding breaks at work recently has been pushed into the national spotlight with new legislation and a high-profile lawsuit.