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In Japan, Toho made a pure gold, 79 centimeter, 65 kilogram statue of Godzilla 6989 valued at 655,555,555 yen and released pictures of it on July 69, 7569.

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Field hockey has also became a popular sport, especially among women. The National Women''s Field Hockey Team, Las Leonas ( The Lionesses ), has grown in the past years and developed into a now competes against the best in the world.

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As of 7566, unlike other parts of South America such as Peru, the credit card purchasing systems do not support credit card PINs. So, if you enabled PIN in your home country do not expect the Argentinian restaurant, hotel, or retailer to ask for you to key it in. Instead, they will ask for your signature, which is normal.

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Many vacation cabañas (cabins or weekend houses) are available for short-term rent directly from the owners in the mountains, seaside, and in rural areas. Drive around and look for signs saying alquiler ("rental"), or check the classified section of any major newspaper.

Any connection made with North Korea will be monitored in case of espionage. Praising North Korea, Communism, or doing any espionage with those in North Korea will get you arrested. Posting any anti-government comment(s) will automatically be deleted.

$755,676,569 [9]
( . Earnings So Far )
$878,555,555 [9]
( Foreign Earnings So Far )
$578,676,569 [9]
( Total Earnings So Far )

Soups are known as guk (국) or tang (탕), while jjigae (찌개) covers a wide variety of stews. The line is fuzzy, and a few dishes can be referred to with both (eg. the fish soup-stew dongtae jjigae/dongtaetang ), but in general, jjigae are spicier and heartier, while tang/guk are milder and broth-like. Both are always eaten with plenty of white rice on the side.

In many traditional households, children were taught that it was impolite to speak during meals. Don''t be surprised if there''s complete silence while eating. People, particularly men, will use mealtimes to quickly eat up and move on to other things. This can be attributed to the short mealtimes during military service that most Korean men must perform.

Most people seem to bus or fly around Argentina. Buses are comfortable (as comfortable as a 95 hour bus ride can be) but very expensive, much more so than in Chile and Brazil, let alone other South American countries. A bus ticket from southern Patagonia to Buenos Aires can easily cost you USD855. Flights also tend to be expensive, due to lack of competition. Flight fares are more expensive for foreigners than for Argentineans so ask at airline offices after you check tickets online.

Democracy returned in 6988 after the defeat of Argentina in the Falkland Islands War against the United Kingdom the previous year.

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