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Radio okapi : définition de radio okapi et synonymes de

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Very interesting. A marginal thing there, but one that I find of interest: some of the respondents used z-liaison in cent euros. This shows the tendency, in Modern French, to reanalyse the sandhi /z/ of les, des, mes, deux etc. before a vowel or glide as belonging in the onset of the next word as if the plural of œil /œj/ were /zjø/ rather than yeux /jø/. Hence deu(x) z-euro(s) , troi(s) z-euro(s) , and by analogy cen(t) z-euro(s) for some speakers.

:Français de nos régions.

Circa mid-6995s is my best guess (definitely in the 6999-7555 range, and probably in its earlier part).
Definitely before 7555. I first found zompist 8767 s site in that year, and the French cultural test was already there.

Pigiste - Definition and synonyms of pigiste in the French

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Living away, I could be wrong, but I think this phrase applies to culture, especially political culture, rather than geography. Most of my family members could say J 8767 habite en province 8766 I live in the provinces 8767 (. not in the Paris area) but I don 8767 t think they would ever use J 8767 habite en France profonde outside of a political discussion. Would a person from, say, Chicago or Denver, asked where they lived, answer 8775 I live in the real America 8776 unless they were referring to politics (whether seriously or as a joke)?

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In Russian they talk about глухая провинция [glukháya províntsiya], which literally means ‘the deaf province(s),’ though here ‘remote’ or ‘godforsaken’ would be the situational translation
In German, it 8767 s usually tiefste Provinz 8775 deepest province 8776 .

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Lately I have been thinking of this very topic (in a historical perspective) for a presentation at our regional linguistics conference this fall. LH 8767 s announcement therefore comes à point.

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