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KUNDLI : Detailed Scientific Kundli in English & हिन्दी

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my name vijender kumar dob date of time not confirmed birth place ballabhgarh distt. faridabad (haryana). what is my future? what is my past? sir, pls help me & fees charges & contact address.

The Gauquelin work 1 (Abstract+Article)


Nadi Astrology - DelhiPlanet

Ok, so I 8767 m Double Pisces (Rising & Sun) and Leo Moon woman. I wanted to know more about myself with a Lil combo of all of these signs.

The Sun, Moon and Ascendant ~ Molly''s Astrology

I do recall people saying that i have nice eyes, and they like to gaze into them, but i never really knew why, until I found out that I am a Scorpio ascendant. -) name is alishya. i was born scorpio/sagittarius cusp(nov 76,6979), venus in sagittarius, mars in scorpio, saturn in cancer, and moon in aquarius with scorpio rising. what does this mean? oh yeah jupiter in pisces! ive heard many things about having this chart? can u plz help define and clarify what this chart indicates for me> thankyou so much for your time! take care. oh i have mercury in scorpio as well..

According to Ertel''s findings, the traits for each professional were inadvertently biassed by Gauquelin in favour of the planetary keywords for the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the result of Gauquelin knowing in advance planetary positions in key sectors and planetary keywords. So we expect Francoise''s results for those planets to be positive -- and they are, although for Jupiter they are mixed, being positive for a bad Jupiter (extravagant, wasteful) and negative for a good Jupiter (generous, dignified). The mean effect size calculated from her results is , well in line with the Gauquelins'' previous personality results and thus consistent with Gauquelin bias.

My sun is in Scorpio my moon is in Pisces and my ascendant is Taurus. Usually Taurus is a materialistic sign, but I am not materialistic at all, or (slow moving) I don 8767 t have any of the Characteristics of a Taurus Rising. Could I be dominated my my moon sign?.. Because I feel like an ALL OUT pisces.

Hi Kayla Scorpio is your Moon, and the Moon is emotions, so those characteristics are not necessarily outwardly displayed. But being the black sheep of the family (Moon) sounds like a Scorpio Moon thing. Start there and you may find that things start to resonate.

Hey there! My sun is gemini my my moon is capricorn and my ascendant is cancer. I just wanted to know my compatibility with libras. It 8767 d be great if someone could help me out! :]

With your moon in Sagittarius, you are attracted and drawn to the 8775 open-minded 8776 types. You feel comfortable with people who are flexible, even those who see past what is seen by others.