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CHINO (चिनो) - Nepali Movie Full Watch Online

Дата публикации: 2017-11-14 11:53

Savita , the most famous is the one suggested by Mr. Rajput. Salilda has created a variation of the composition 8775 Vatapi Ganapatim bhaje hum 8776 by Muthuswami Dikshitar. There are wide variety of compositions based on Hamsadhwani by South Indian musicians as it is essentially a favoured Carnatic Raga. In Hindi there are very few compositions other than Salilda 8767 s lovely take.

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Mentioning my favourites, the very very best of Indian classical music,
bandish Rajan ab toh aa.
KUMAR ji again Raag Bhairav, Bhairav ke prakaar Shivmat, Bhavmat, Bihad Bhairav.
Both these renditions are absolutely stunning and my favourites.

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Thank you. I particularly enjoyed Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar. Such a moving experience listening to him. Again thank you. Simone

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But I am happy Subodh did this post, otherwise I would have missed the beautiful Ghanshaym sundara (I can not get over it), and so many other pieces he has selected with such great care and love.

What the reality is that the word Classical Music is associated with some ustad so and so,having a Mehfil with only a Tanpura or a Violin,and who goes on repeating
a word or a set of words again and again for half an hour each and such songs seem to be endless !

Sanjeev Abhyankar started off by modeling himself on Pandit Jasraj, but now he has evolved his own distinctive style. Here is his rendition of Ahir Bhairav. It sounds beautiful in his rich sonorous voice:

Thank you Latha ji. I 8767 ve enjoyed listening to the tracks linked by you but frankly I still find the raga quite confusing. The opening paragraph of the article provides the solace that I am not wrong in being confused. Gara is rather loosely defined and one would keep hearing Khamaj, Pilu, Jaijaiwanti and Kafi in it. Shamik Bose 8767 s rendition has more Khamaj in it, while Salamat Ali 8767 s has a strong dose of Malhar.

I had a tough time choosing between Jaag dard-e ishq jaag and Radha na bole na bole re as my iconic song for Bageshree. Ultimately I have opted for the latter, as it stays closer to the standard format of the raga. In any case, this was the song my friend used to help me into the nuances of this raga. A treat for those fans of Songs of Yore who missed it in AK’s post on C Ramachandra :

Dustedoff: A well known and beautiful piece in Hameer is Mukesh 8767 s non-film Bhajan 8766 Sur ki gati main kya janoon 8767 .

Dear Mr Vishnushanbhogue, thanks for your comment and also for the song 8766 Dekho sajan churaye 8767 from 8766 Hazar Haath 8767 . It was new for me. It is indeed a rare song I had difficulty locating it on Youtube. Finally I found it:

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