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Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 19:24

,, when we at international country we stay we well all happy when we see harka halldar but why allways same part reapet? who is the managemant the harka, why dont have any new story pls if you need help just emila me thanks do your best !! from dubai!!

Nepal Idol LIVE | Nepal News 2017

This program was really nice but they used to repeat eposide in this day, this kinds of work doen by them was I didn 8767 t like. I wanna request that please make sure those eposide doesn 8767 t repeat again.

Harke Haldar | Video Canada Nepal

हर्के हल्दार कार्यक्रम त साह्रै राम्मेा लाग्येा तर , प्रत्यक हप्ता परीर्वटन नभएर अलिक चाहाना कम भइरहेकेा छ,, अरू सव ठिकै

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