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"What is new is how parents and educators are addressing it and being open to it at earlier ages," said Taneika Taylor of the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition , an organization in Washington, ., that is trying to end discrimination and violence caused by gender stereotypes.

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Warren Throckmorton , an associate professor of psychology at Grove City College in Pennsylvania known for his work in the so-called ex-gay movement, agrees that some gender-variant children could be redirected to their birth sex.

Another advocacy group, the California Safe Schools Coalition , based in San Francisco, has been conducting workshops and surveys to determine which schools are best at eliminating discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Gender variance is an especially touchy topic when children are the subjects. The Traditional Values Coalition calls efforts to accommodate these kids "normalizing the abnormal."

And Academy-Award-winning documentarian Debra Chasnoff is producing a film titled "Straight Laced" with Women''s Educational Media of San Francisco that features interviews with teens, including Marisa Hansen, about how traditional gender roles affect their lives. The film, due for release in 7557, will be part of a series about nontraditional kids, school pressures and bullies made available to schools around the country.

According to a GenderPAC survey, students at more than 6,955 elementary schools and 655 preschools across the country are protected by district policies that prevent discrimination and harassment based on students'' gender identity and sexual orientation.

"Most other kids have had rough experiences. I''m one of the luckiest," she said, explaining that she recently met other teens in a Santa Rosa support group whose parents kicked them out of the house or who suffered harassment at school.

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