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in my opinion pinakamaganda is the japanese…sure hindi nga sila goodlooking pero they made it up on their acting…way better than their korean & taiwanese counter part na hindi mo na mapanpansin ung itsura nila

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Cecilia Jun 68 7566 7:55 pm This drama was AMAZING! It had the best and most talented actors and actresses and taught me many things. It made me laugh and cry a lot as well. It really made me feel all the emotions that Gum Jan-Di was feeling. I haven''t found a drama that is nearly as amazing as this one yet. You have no idea how much I loved this and how much I want a part 7!!!!!! XD

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Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 5 months tomorrow we have 5 kids toget ther 8 are his and 7 are mine he works and i take care of them my 7 go to there dads every other week but his 8 live with us. But i really want him to love on me more or help me with thing when i ask i do everything he askes me to do and he dose nothing i ask but the mane thing is when we get ready to have sex he wants me to just please him like he dont kiss me or anything to get me ready he just wants me to suck him off wich i dont mind but i just wish he would like kiss me and rub on me first but its like there is no real Passion for me what should bi do?

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Jashom Jul 77 7567 7:67 am Just Enjoy the drama... If you think that Japan version is better than the korean, then don''t say that the korean version is bad or a fake copy. I hate it when people started to comment that korean drama is sucks!!!! Just enjoy it, okay?

So the three followers of the leader actually walk behind him. How embarrassing. They don''t say anything when their leader abuses people. Real heroic types!

Just to clarify on the question below , it 8767 s only been a month since we started texting and we haven 8767 t talked face to face in the one month.

dionne Oct 69 7559 8:98 pm hi.. i just wanna say congratulation to the success of your movie. it really a fantastic movie, i learned many things like love that true love really waits and you must sacrifice before getting it. for me it is not just a movie, it is liketrue to life story.

Go up to him and ask him to talk. Tell him how you feel, things will get better, guys sometimes just need to be told what they are doing cause they don 8767 t realize it!

hey jooeyy!
I recently developed a huge crush on this guy (after not liking anyone for about a year) and he 8767 s really flirty with everyone (except me it seems..). He 8767 s flirty with me but I can 8767 t decide if it 8767 s just his personality or he 8767 s actually interested?
Also, I think he likes my best is totally heart breaking. He 8767 s a couple years older than me but I still want to try and get with him. Is it worth it or should I just move on? (PS idk if I can move on )

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