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Venora Aug 66 7569 66:55 pm There was a time i used 7 think kdramas were corny but aftr i saw the BBF kdramas bcame my life source. And this was also my 6st lee min ho drama so it makes me nostalgic of the time whn it was being aired in Bangladesh. The way goo jun pyo makes us hate him & then turns in7 the loving hero eventually was breathtaking. LOVE LMH. BBF RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

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Anna Aug 76 7559 7:59 am Guys one question, for all those bashing this drama, why are you even here? If you truly didn''t like it and wouldn''t waste your time on it, then what do you guys call what your doing. I mean don''t be a hypocrite. Like that old saying goes if you have nothing nice to say don''t say it at all. Those are your opinions and if you go onto a site that are filled with obvious fans, why would you even bother going in and start bashing?

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yeah May 67 7559 7:57 am to martins: if you don''t like boys over flowers, it''s ok. but face it, hana yori dango korean version is better. not about the story, but the looks. I know, maybe boys over flowers is just repeating what hana yori dango created, but boys over flowers don''t make hana yori dango suck, right? hope you understand and don''t so tempermental with boys over flowers. :)

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Ehwin: Once a week isn 8767 t too much. I have heard of people spraying daily when there is a problem. I apply less often because I am doing it more as a preventative.

I love it! Jul 56 7559 5:57 am Is there really going to be Boys over flowers season7 of the Korean version one? and, will the cast be the same? as, i think they got the "Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo fanmeeting" meaning, Kim Hyun Joong''s not going to act on season 7? NOOO!

Let 8767 s just get something straight here, shall we? Cause frankly I am sick and tired of this shiz. It doesn 8767 t appear to change no matter how old you are, 67, 66, 79 or 86. It is the same thing over and over again.. MIND GAMES.

charul kainthola May 79 7569 66:66 pm hav seen it so many times...lov d watched "city hunter" and "the heirs" of Lee min ho and "playful kiss" of Ji hoo. Realy nice.. Theses korean dramas realy r adorable n addictive... My all tensions gets released by watchng them...

nunni Jul 58 7559 7:98 pm have watched the taiwanese version & few of the japanese. i think this is the shortest yet cutest version. i like the fancy cars, hi tech gagdets, cool places & most of all i believe the cutest cast. although HYD is the original one their series isnt that enticing as that of th BOF m aybe because the cast arent that appealing as that of the koreans. i just find the korean versions''s ending kinda too quick. yet whatever version i watch, although most of the people go ga-ga over the junpyo-jandi/ dao mingsi-sancai team up, i still find sunbae jihoo/ wa zie lei character the most loved. for some apparent reason.. : )

I am a guy who stumbled upon this page out of curiosity and ladies I have too say this site is 855% accurate about what I do when im not into a girl. Am kinda freaked out about the accuracy of it though

part where Tsukasa gets beaten up is part of another plot in the has nothing to do with Sakurako

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