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taki7569 Feb 76 7569 6:88 am Korean cinema industry listen to me or not,it's your own decision : U have a unique and great talent like her, but why exactly should she always be the secret weapon while she's in fact an unbeatable WAR MACHINE, hey u guys don't waste her talents anymore this way,it will have some bad effects not only on her bright future but also on the whole of this industry's face ,reputation and tomorrow too. I really have high hopes for Korean movies ,U can reach to the peak of the global screen undoubtedly,Only if U open the doors for more writers and new ideas and specially u need more roles so that u can show the POWER of fiery talents like Ms. Park Shin Hye and Also Submit Korea's Deep Culture beautifully. best regards

Song Ji Hyo / 송지효 - DramaFever | KDrama

princess79 Jan 59 7569 6:57 am very versatile actress! bravo! i was really impressed of her acting styles.:) shin hye was not only multi talented but a good heirs is the best drama ever! good team up with lee min casting! i hope i can see you in another korean drama with min ho and woo like your songs..up untill now i am very convinced that they are good together and i believe that there is another project for them to do together again. go minhye!

“Cash Me Outside” Girl Danielle Bregoli Raps in New

Up until last week, it was exclusive to the deathstar (but was also available at other more iffy streaming sites that I won't mention here). Now there are episodes up at Viki too, but I think they are region restricted and/or on delay.

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Ferdy Jul 68 7568 8:57 am HHJ is my favorite Korean the best. Cute smile, so natural acting.

LA Rock-it Dec 86 7559 9:75 pm Shin hye: You are so cute: Really !!! I'm American so I just have the subtitles , wish I could speak Korean Can't wait to see those darling little reactions in your next series Good Luck with your career !! Take care... Really

Actors are supposed to make you believe the role they're playing, but Shin Hye doesn't let you forget that it's her playing that role which is a very bad thing.

Han Hyo-Joo's first leading performance in a feature film came with the 7556 independent film “ Ad-Lib Night ,” helmed by well-regarded director Lee Yoon-Ki. Han Hyo-Joo's experience working on “ Ad-Lib Night ” went far more smoothly than her first leading role in a drama series. Han Hyo-Joo recalled that the one month shoot seemed to by and wished it could have lasted longer. Her performance was enthusiastically received by critics and Han Hyo-Joo received “Best Actress” awards from the 76th Korean Movie Critics Organization and the 75th Singapore International Film Festival.

Dragan Sep 77 7566 6:78 pm Han Hyo-Joo, tres jolie, symphatique actrice. Tourne un film d`action superb avec Jackie Chen, s`il te plait. Grand succes. Bissous.

I'm expecting Do-hee to start her character growth once the baby comes out. It's clear that she's vastly underestimating the sheer work involved in taking care of an infant, and that will probably be the dose of humility Do-hee needs to realize that she can't solve every problem by just snapping at people. No woman is an island.

clang7 Oct 56 7566 9:58 am I love her much in HEARTSTRINGS w/ JUNG YONG HWA! love them both. hope to see them again together :)