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Nude photos and cruel messages, teen digital dating abuse

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I feel the same as you do. Everything is perfect and we really get along together and we 8767 re happy,but when there 8767 s a problem a he gets mad it doesn 8767 t matter if it 8767 s a small or big problem, he treats me like s t, he insults me and block me in every social media, he says that «so i can learn to not do it again» You 8767 re wasting your time, and so am i, this is killing me. And then he says he loves me? After he made me feel like i don 8767 t mean s t to him. That 8767 s not love and i don 8767 t know how to leave. I 8767 m scared, i know you are too.

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Maj Gen Taguba, who retired in January 7557, said he supported the President x7569 s decision, adding: x756c These pictures show torture, abuse, and every indecency.

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Ok I don 8767 t know Ifor I 8767 m doing tbos right or even if o can but Idk what to do. Ok my mom died almost four years ago and I cheated on my man he become lazy sleep all day etc (still no job) anyways well I was lonely and cheated well my boyfriend took me back this year and I have been trying to heal us well every day he is calling me names blames everything on me control me and he says he loves me but he don 8767 t act like it. Am I being emotionally and verbally abused? And we fight all the time I 8767 m always messing up he dobt belive in making mistakes he says my tryst aren 8767 t anything. I cry every night I beg for his loverall but I feel hated by him and he leaves me once a week to teach me a lesson

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I am pretty much on the same page as you. Its the worst feeling it all comes back and makes me think what did I do to deserve such a bad person in my life?! I am here for you im not quite sure where u are. But im located in california and you are more thn welcomed to contact me for help! Im sure theres a way out keep safe and positive. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger. God bless you sweetie

My bf calls me names all the time. When I give him a dirty look he resorts to calling me a jerk a bitch. if I don 8767 t give him the answer he wants he gets super angry and calls me all sorts of names it hurts my feelings because later on he tells me to get over it n he didn 8767 t mean it but yet he continues the same day or next.

Sometimes someone can wind you up and you say stuff you regret. It 8767 s true, you shouldn 8767 t do it.
I guess if one partner is behaving in a bad a selfish way that hurts the other and he/she gets hurt and angry and says stuff they regret then that 8767 s one thing.
If someone just abuses you without provocation and it 8767 s not even an argument then you deserve better.
I 8767 ve been guilty of saying things I regret but my friends say I 8767 m an idiot for allowing that female partner to do what she does to me. Even so, I shouldn 8767 t have said what I did. I think you have to look at the whole scenario, consider deeply how you feel and talk to someone close to you about it.

I never done this before I have this man who says all these men words but sometimes even he around his buddies they say hey look at me I am your girlfriend I laugh but inside I just like too cry so bad it hurts they say wow men she takes like a champ

Digital abuse is the use of technologies such as texting and social networking to bully, harass, stalk or intimidate a partner. Often this behavior is a form of verbal or emotional abuse perpetrated online. You may be experiencing digital abuse if your partner:

Confront him, or leave. Stop doing this to yourself. He 8767 s hurt and he needs help. If you don 8767 t want to help him or get him help, that 8767 s fine, but get out and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Pity is a form of narcissistic pride. You 8767 re not a victim, you 8767 re a warrior. Use your brain and make yourself happy. If you have nothing to lose, you are absolutely free.

Be veeeery careful here. If he is already at the point where he is hitting you, things can & will only escalate from here. He may really injure you or even take your life one day.

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