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Body of Florida plane crash victim eaten by an alligator

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A Good Match For: Fans of Tetris and fans of Puyo Puyo , obviously. Also, anyone looking for a fun competitive puzzle game to play with friends.

LED Message Fidget Spinner Will Kill Teachers - Gizmodo

6/78/7567: Time for our first update, and it’s a big one. We’ve added Minecraft , Arms , Cave Story+ , Disgaea 5 , Jackbox Party Pack 8 and Thumper, and removed I Am Setsuna and Mr. Shifty. The list will remain capped at 67 games from here on out.

I'm Really Digging The 2018 Genesis G70 - Jalopnik

Not A Good Match For: Anyone looking for substantial singleplayer content. At launch, Arms doesn’t have a whole lot going on outside of its enjoyable online duels.


The various sciences of ‘‘difference’’ – sex, gender, race, class, sexuality, nationality – where studies that claim evidence for biological differences between two groups often make the cover stories in scientific journals and popular magazines. In-group variation rarely leads to a re-consideration of a priori categories and studies with negative results do not get the same space, in journals or in the press… biological research marches on in its derpy ways.

Golf Story is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a story about golf, and the emphasis is placed equally on both words in the title. It’s a narrative game with light RPG elements that also happens to have an in-depth golfing system. Combining aspects of pop golf movies like Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore with a more traditional underdog sports story, it tells the tale of a talented wannabe golf pro and his rise through the ranks to the heights of golfing glory. To do that, you’ll need to master the intricacies of its golf gameplay, which gracefully walk the line between realistic and arcade-y. This one’s a real charmer, and a lovely Switch surprise.

The Switch’s library has been growing all year. Nintendo has managed to maintain a solid ratio of good games on their system, and at this point there’s a healthy selection of fantastic Switch games to choose from.

“As it turns out, the term ‘derpy’ has also been appropriated as an ablist slur,” the researchers write in their apology. “We regret our negligence in not figuring that out before the Commentary was published.” They also recognize the tragic irony of the use of a term that “is deeply implicated in ablist white supremacist legacies of the science of intelligence,” the very science that they were critiquing.

But good things don’t last long in this world. We’ve seen fidget spinners that distractingly show Mario running , we’ve seen weaponized fidget spinners, and now we have the most distracting model of all: a spinner with programmable LEDs.

A Good Match For: Fans of story-heavy sports games, people who like golf but want something less dry than your average PGA-licensed game.

A Good Match For: Anyone waiting for a good Switch strategy game, XCOM fans, people who think they might like XCOM but are put off by how complicated it seems.