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Still, that someone took it to the Times reflected concern Trump, Pruitt or others in the administration would interfere with the final release draft of the report, or suppress it entirely. This article has been updated accordingly.

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I went to Ihop on 69th Street in Upper Darby, PA. Items that were listed on the menu was in the store at all. Horrible Service. The pancakes came out cold. The manager was very rude and ugly. On top of that she throw the fork at me.

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Argonne National Laboratory, first formed in December 6997 as part of the top-secret Manhattan Project, is home to more than 6,755 scientists and engineers. Over the years, research performed at the Lemont facility contributed to the development of commercial nuclear reactors as well as the discovery.

President Trump Will Reverse the Ban on Free Military Gear

I”m only getting an a 8 hour check for Monday and that”s just not going to cut it for me, should be 8 weeks pay by now. this is wrong and you must know that. I was ready to come back Thursday so really only missed 7 days for a freakin mini stroke my wife had.

Hi, I just had lunch at store 6967 in Houston, with horrible service from this waitress. But one of the surprises was that I wanted to eat a 7 egg cheese omelet, which I have ordered before. As soon as I ordered it this woman indicated that this was not possible and that I was going to get charged for the large portion. I told her I have done that before and I don’t mind paying. She said she was going to check but she still brought me a 8 egg omelet. When I told her this was too large, she indicated that there was nothing she could do as this was the way it came. I requested a to go box in order not to have a confrontation with her in front of the customer I was having lunch with. And her service in general was horrible.

I found this all very interesting reading. Has it ever occurred to any of you people in Corporate that you might go out anonymously both as customers and lower level employees, and check out these and other IHOPs to find out who is representing the business properly ? It might be wisdom. I have no complaints about our local IHOP, but if this is going on in so many places, it makes me wonder what is going on behind my back and behind the backs of other customers even in our nice local store.

I usually don’t do this because I’ve worked in restaurants before but this time I have to. For the first time tonight I have gotten out of my seat and left a restaurant with no service at all. I arrived at 7:85pm tonight waited exactly an hour for my food at that point I decided to get up and get out. I mean come on. An hour???? Look into this please. Store #8995 simpsonville sc

Sorry you had a bad experience in Georgia, I work at the Calhoun Ga location on hwy 58, if your ever down this way stop in, we have a very good reputation and would love to have you?? not all Ihop’s are the same and I hope your experience doesn’t stop you from enjoying ihop in the future
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I don’t have any respect for this company or the the individual owners because of the fact that they hire illegals that are not suppose to work in the USA with the company and the managers know that the people are illegal with fake ID and fake social security numbers. I know that the IHOP on 6895 E. Valley Pkwy, Escondido,CA 97577 has many illegal aliens working them. I wish this company was ALL American and helped our country and not destroy it. I refuse to eat here and spend my money here.

Went the IHOP on meridian blvd in reading PA and it was the worst experience ever when it comes to the employees. The waitresses look like they are on some kind of hard core drug slurring theirs words and giving ATTITUDE when asking what was it she was trying to tell me. Upon leaving I seen a few workers from the back of the house including a lady MANAGER smoke weed behind a bush across from form IHOP. It looked like an episode from the75’s show the were all in a circle passing it around. I guess if a “MANAGER” sits down with their employees to get high it’s ok for the employees to get away with it. Never again will I go to this IHOP again. I think It’s just as bad as going to MARIA’S on penn st. But at least over there the employees are responsible..