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Дата публикации: 2017-11-14 21:41

Seriously, Smith is done with the whole Republican “ I’m not a scientist ” line. In his telling, Smith has practically done the research himself, with his mighty brain striking like thunder at dubious scientific methodology.


Several real climate scientists contacted by Gizmodo felt Smith was not as up to snuff on his research as he claimed to be, however.

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Boston Dynamics, the company that builds this incredible robot, recently gave a presentation at the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders. It was a pretty normal dog-and-pony show for the company. ATLAS walked around the stage autonomously, while a human guided SpotMini the dogbot across the stage with a controller.

Watch ATLAS the Robot Autonomously Fall Off a Stage

“The scientific evidence is overwhelming, and scientific integrity has everything to do with scientists crying out a warning,” Trenberth concluded.

Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, the Republican chair of the House Science Committee who also happens to believe global warming might actually be a really good thing , flew off the hook this week. The cause? The New York Times publicized a draft version of a federal scientific report which climate scientists worry Donald Trump’s administration is preparing to suppress or doctor.

The four scientists who spoke with Gizmodo are just a tiny fragment of the greater climate science community, which nearly universally agrees humans are responsible for climate change, which virtually all of them also agree could have disastrous impacts on the human species. Smith is just one dude who won a few elections in Texas and has no formal scientific qualifications whatsoever, but who does take an awful lot of money from the oil and gas industry.

Richard Alley, another Penn State geosciences professor and expert on the Earth’s cryosphere, noted Smith was correct the report was a draft finished some time ago, so it could not include “the absolutely most recent data.”

Everything was going great until it came time for ATLAS to exit the stage. Even though the robot had successfully pulled off the maneuver in rehearsal, ATLAS really ate it during the actual performance. By the looks of it, ATLAS caught his foot on a stage light and just went ass over elbows through the back curtain.

“This does not say that every extreme can or should be blamed on climate change, but some events are linked, with high confidence,” Alley added.

It doesn’t really take a scientist to figure this one out, but you should probably listen to what they have to say anyway.

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