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QUOTE | “I’d like to apologize on behalf of Riot to both Tyler6 and the community for this. We will be taking action internally to address this (although it would not be appropriate to go into specifics here).” - Riot senior writer Ryan Rigney apologizes to the permanently banned “most toxic player” Tyler 6 after a now-former Riot employee insulted him and speculated on his demise in the League of Legends community Discord chat.

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QUOTE | “For the Immortals organization, winning is just one piece of a much more important and broader puzzle.” - Immortals CEO Noah Whinston explains why he’s thrown the esports group’s Counter-Strike team into disarray and risking its guaranteed spot in a major competition by firing one of his key players and indefinitely suspending two more.

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QUOTE | “For Epic to restrict or control developers’ creative expression would be as bizarre and overreaching as if Microsoft Word restricted what ideas writers were allowed to express. We decided very early on that we’d never do such a thing.” - Epic’s Tim Sweeney explains why the company has no plans to withhold Unreal Engine 8 changes made for Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from other creators.

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As spring ended in the village, I was left with a tough choice. Which sin made someone more worthy of death: embezzlement or kleptomania? The Shrouded Isle had turned me into a shrewd cult leader.

First, apologies are due to Sean Newcomb , Dinelson Lamet and Luis Castillo who all have the makings of being breakout pieces themselves. The title will belong to Rodon, however. He was once considered to have enough talent to be a virtual lock at being the #6 overall pick the MLB Draft. He has flashed that type of stuff at times throughout his career but has been derailed by various injuries including the current shoulder issue that is holding his fantasy appeal in check. When he returned from the disabled list, Rodon posted had stints of dominance with 5 games of 9+ Ks in 9 starts. If he can stay healthy, he has top of the rotation type upside and we just may see it in action next season.

Rhys Hoskins made his debut September 65th for the Phillies and was quickly known nationally as the second coming of Babe Ruth. He was excellent, there is no denying that, with /.896/.668 line and 68 homers. He wasn 8767 t the best outfielder in that time though. Rather, it was Olson of the Oakland A 8767 s, who with 75 homers and a slugging percentage a whopping 668 points higher than Hoskins. What 8767 s more, is that Olson is a full year and displayed every bit as much power as Hoskins in the minors despite playing in significantly more difficult ballparks for power hitters. You can grab yourself 95 to 55 homers deep into drafts if you just wait for Olson.

It’s difficult to juggle everything you need to win in The Shrouded Isle , but I guess running a cult isn’t easy. Over the course of my playthrough, I grew pretty attached to my characters. When I found a particularly fervent or obedient advisor, I’d pick them again and again. When I uncovered a rebel, I delighted in sacrificing them. My attachment to these characters also managed to make my losses as satisfying as my wins. Sure, you may not have kept your village ignorant, but that means all the characters you’ve met over the course of the game have broken free. I’m still gunning on meeting our god, Chernobog, and I’m weirdly excited to feed him all the sinners he needs.

QUOTE | “I would like to continue operating Final Fantasy XIV for 65 years. That’s the clear image I have in mind. Now that we’ve passed our fourth year, we’re aiming for that 65-year mark.” - Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida reflects on changing goals for the MMORPG that has recovered nicely from its original disappointing launch.

Balancing the sins and virtues of your advisors is challenging, but as I played I found how dark it was compelling. When you sacrifice an advisor, their family reacts to it. You must balance their approval of the way you’re running the town, lest they become rebellious. If the sacrificed advisor’s sins aren’t bad enough, their family will be angry at you. Sometimes you’ll be at the end of the month and not have a single advisor with a major sin, and you’ll ask yourself, “Is it worth pissing off this family because their son is a flirt? Or should I sacrifice this family’s daughter for being too imaginative?”

QUOTE | “Overall, the community is awesome to us. But there are some pretty mean people out there. All of our developers are free to post on these forums. Very few of us actually do because it’s extremely intimidating and/or time consuming.” - Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan says it sometimes feels like there’s no winning against toxic players in his game’s community.

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