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Crazy Days and Nights: Blind Items Revealed #1

Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 19:44

Well she s also getting a lot of heat for not tagging everyone in the pic!! Ppl are calling her out for it and she s responded to one. I m sure she ll start blocking

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Nope he hasn t followed her yet! DK doesn t do anything unless it could benefit her or garnish the attention she so desperately needs. Let the games begin!!

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It s the big premiere next weekend (or Monday where I am). I don t know when Ride premieres as it s not something I m interested in. There should be a lot of focus on TWD. If she s meant to be in France slightly before, how long do you reckon she ll be there? She seems to spend more time having her hair and makeup done than she is actually at her own premieres/events. Then she magically appears on a completely different continent, garnering lots of negative attention from Ns fans, when she could have used the occasions to get positive media attention for her own work. She s a very strange individual.

I still don 8767 t get why not walk in TOGETHER? The other cast members who brought 8767 s walked in with their partners. So why not N and D? Seems like he 8767 s still trying to hide her. He can 8767 t be that embarrassed to be publicly seen with her. After all, if he 8767 s not embarrassed that his private dirty talk and sexting were outed by her on a national online tabloid, why should he still be unwilling to be seen walking next to her?

They aren t her fan club though. They are Norman s fans. They never heard of her until him. Same as me. That woman has zero fan base. How can you have almost 695,555 followers and your last post which was nearly 8 hours ago garnered only 8 comments. cmon. I m over these clowns for real.

DK has no personality, no substance. She is whoever she is with. She attempted Deneuve s look, then she went with one that matched more with the guy costar. Nothing is her own thought or idea. Unfortunately, that makes for a very scary person. She is capable of anything, and obviously, has no conscience to keep her from her end goal.

I believe NR and JDM were among the few celebrities that were silent on Twitter Friday to show support for some of the female celebrities involved with this whole Harvey Weinstein thing. Among some of the females involved are NR s good friends. Unfortunately this happened on MR birthday hence why he posted in the wee hours of the morning. I don t believe he was with DK at all yes NR has made some stupid choices but I don t believe he s that stupid. If DK was really in GA she wouldn t delete comments saying so. Just my thoughts

I see she s mimicking N again with her latest IG post. Just makes me wonder how much she was actually herself when she was with JJ. Once again I think she has absolutely no sense of self. And her arguing with the person of IG shows just how far up her ass her head is. Just saying.

Wow, Debra, you need professional help or at least need to lay off the booze. Says me from the house I own and paid for..NOT my parents basement. You are basically veering into incoherence.