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I just flew into pgh international airport last night, hell she could be here- because the delta area is exactly the same. Im going to go on a limb here and say that just like any other corporate company or restaurant they try and keep everything the same. Every hotel chain, Applebees or cheesecake factory I ve ever been in looks the same.

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I just got done reading Abnormal Angels blog and ppl say it looks like Newark airport so she put pics of both airports up but what I love the most is she won t let DKs selfie grace her blog😂😂👍🏻👍🏻

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And wow, Norman hasn 8767 t jumped on her post to like it 5 seconds after she posted it. He still hasn 8767 t, it 8766 s been over an hour. Damn Norman, she 8766 s waiting for your like, you better hurry up.

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Can we talk about how disturbing DK s comments about Harvey Weinstein are in that new interview? She s basically saying she was aware of what he did, but had good times with him. Is she serious? Way to go, DK. But, what do you expect from a woman who has a reputation of sleeping with her directors and leading hope people hold her accountable for this. She can kiss any hope of an Oscar nod goodbye. She is classless and disgusting.

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Not surprised she s so non chalant about it. She s rude about everything else, why should we be amazed at her stellar outlook on this man? From someone who has slept for her career, she isn t the best person to ask about these things. Talent never had anything to do with her. She was put in the Royal Ballet by her wealthy parents and placed into a movie career by the man she was sleeping with and married to. She s always been a whore for her career. This has pretty much been Kruger s life. A social climber. Broke men need not apply. You don t get substance here lol.

Most of the original members are still here and still watching. Debra, I saw the distance and the look of distaste on Deneuve too. Reminded me of N s pap pics with the I would rather be anywhere but here look. The people of this group don t post until we have a reason to, unlike outside agitators who come here to attack and stir up things. I believe N pulled the plug on this train wreck a week or two ago but I don t believe D is done with her shenanigans. Even if she has already found other prey, she won t let this drop without trying to save face.

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Seems like coven are harassing A-Angel on tumblr. She s holding her own though. I m not an N fan but I do enjoy reading her posts. I didn t realise D hadn t tagged MMB and DG originally. I bet she was gritting her teeth adding MMB!

And there we have it. D s opening move. Trying to seem sweet and supportive to force a like from him and possibly his cast mates. Hmmmm.

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