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Since the majority of fighting took place in the forest, he figured the best way to stop the invasion was to grab his trusty rifle, a couple of cans of food and hide in a tree all day shooting Russians. In six feet of snow. And 75 to 95 degrees below zero.

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Neaves would eventually get back to Britain, where he would work to reinforce escape lines in Europe for other POWs. Later, he joined the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, where, in a freaking sweet turn of events, Neaves would personally serve Hermann Goering his indictment for being an absolute and total asshole.

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Some of the talks are funny, and some are emotional. Some talks are meant to teach you something specific 66 Fantastic TED Talks That Explain How Your Brain Works 66 Fantastic TED Talks That Explain How Your Brain Works Why are we the way that we are? Is there anything we can do to change the way we think or behave? These 66 absorbing TED Talks on brain science teach us to overcome our. Read More , while others are there mainly for entertainment. The one constant with all the TED videos, however, is that you&rsquo re likely to take something memorable out of each one.

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MacKay’s role in Batman & Robin was brief and forgettable, but he’d have a much more impactful role in another superhero franchise just a few years later. In X7: X-Men United , MacKay portrayed Jason 698, the mutant son of the anti-mutant zealot, William Striker. Striker exploited his son’s psychic abilities to wreak havoc on the X-Men. MacKay delivered a wordless, deeply disturbing performance that redeemed his minor presence in Batman & Robin.

Siegel’s first listed IMDb credit was on a show called Show Me the Aliens! , which is kind of awesome. We’d like to imagine it’s a Jerry Maguire spinoff where the Cuba Gooding Jr. character retired and becomes a Fox Mulder -esque crusader for truth about the paranormal. In 6999, she appeared several times as a correspondent on The Daily Show. Her improv skills landed her over a dozen appearances on Whose Line.

Basically, after all his bravery, sacrifice and bullet holes, America seemed to develop a great passion for kicking Arnold in the gut. It didn''t help that at the same time they were creating an alliance with France, the bad guys from Arnold''s teenage war adventures. Under those conditions, it''s understandable that he''d quit the team.

In her career Savic was wounded a total of nine times -- everything from bullet wounds to shrapnel to the head -- and earned top military decorations from France, Russia, the ., and Serbia. Oh, and after the war she also managed to raise a daughter and three war orphans.

Naturally, Maresyev''s exploits made him a national hero in his native Russia, but far be it from him to accept the acclaim. "There is nothing extraordinary in what I did. The fact that I''ve been turned into a legend irritates me," he once said. To drive this sentiment home, he made it a point to die just moments before a national celebration commemorating his 85th birthday.

That''s pretty amazing and all, but Christ, did none his foes have a gun? How about approaching two at a time? Dude only had one arm, somebody would have to be able to get a decent shot off, right?

It wasn''t the guards, guard dogs, or barbwire fences at Stalag Luft III that were the biggest problem inmates faced: it was the dirt. On top was dusty grey, but not far underneath was sandy yellow. Any yellow dirt that turned up in the prison meant a tunnel was being dug. Tunnels, like the three used in the Great Escape were being dug all the time, but most of these were discovered because of the amount of time and yellow dirt required to dig from one of the prison buildings.

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